California Boy's Scream Alerts Mother, Saves Sister from Drowning

California Boy's Scream Alerts Mother, Saves Sister from
Drowning 1

A California boy is being hailed as a hero after he summoned his nurse mother who saved his sister from drowning in the family pool.

Eight-year-old Tino Conboy was playing with his 18-month-old sister Cami when he noticed things were too quiet. Once he looked up, he realized Cami had wandered outside.

“I looked at the pool, and then I saw Cami in there,” Tino said.

Once Tino realized his sister was unresponsive, Tino yelled for his mother, Diana Conboy, who is a nurse. She rushed to the pool, pulled Cami out, and began performing CPR while Tino dialed 911.

Conboy said she was able to get to Cami in time, thanks to Tino’s scream.

“Basically, Cami gave her power to me, and then I had the power to scream. And then Mom came over and jumped in and got Cami out,” Tino said.

Conboy said she was impressed at how calm and composed her son was throughout the incident.

“He was so calm and collected,” Conboy said. “You know, he called 911, gave them our address, told them to get here immediately.”

Tino is not the only boy who has been in the news for saving a younger sibling’s life.

A seven-year-old boy rescued his baby sister from a house fire in Tennessee in December, and a six-year-old boy from Wyoming was hailed as a hero for saving his younger sister from a dog attack in July.

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