California city rejects liberal “defund the police” mayor and instead elects a U.S. Marine, pastor

California city rejects liberal “defund the police” mayor
and instead elects a U.S. Marine, pastor 1

STOCKTON, CA – According to Fox News,
residents in the central California city of
rejected incumbent Mayor Michael Tubbs’ support for
defunding police, opting instead to replace him with a Republican
U.S. Marine Corps veteran focused on lowering crime rates.

Stockton Mayor-elect Kevin Lincoln, a former pastor, unseated
Tubbs after receiving more than 56 percent of the votes earlier
this month.

Michael Tubbs received 70 percent of the vote when he was
elected in 2016.� He had become widely unpopular, even with
Democrats, as he pushed measures aimed at defunding police despite
rising crime rates in the city.

During his time in office, Tubbs rolled out a program that paid
criminals to not commit new crimes. 

He also gave a portion of the 20 percent of Stockton residents
who fall below the poverty line, an unconditional $500 per month as
part of his “basic guaranteed income†pilot program.  Just 45
percent of the individuals who received the free monthly payments
were employed. 

Tubbs, a Democrat, also supported calls to defund the Stockton
Unified School District (SUSD) Police Department.

Stockton has a new Mayor, a
Republican pastor, businessman and Marine. Congratulations Kevin

Let’s get to work!

— Jason Scalese (@coachscalese)
November 18, 2020

Kevin Lincoln, on the other hand, ran on a law-and-order
platform.  He also stated that Tubbs had been “pushing his own
agenda†at the national level.  Lincoln stated:

“The people of Stockton…they want safer streets.
They want a community that will come together and will unify.  They
want a leader that’s going to represent and address the
fundamental needs of our city so that we can move our city

Citing his law-and order platform, Lincoln told Fox

“It all boils down to improving the quality of life
for all Stocktonians in our city.â€

Lincoln said he would like to see more law enforcement officers
patrolling Stockton’s streets:

“The people of Stockton – they didn’t want to
defund the police.â€

Our homeless population…has not only plagued our city
in our county but the state, and even has become a national
epidemic here. It’s improving the quality of life, and again, the
people of Stockton, they didn’t want to defund the

Lincoln said that the “defund the police†mantra promoted by
the current Democratic mayor Michael Tubbs turned off a lot of
Stockton residents, paving his way to victory.

At a local, state, and national level, Democrats had confident
predictions of a “blue wave†sweeping all positions in the
November election, but the final results showed that almost nothing
had changed. In California, however, usually a Democrat stronghold,
Republicans have flipped more House seats than in any other

The results have shown a significant reversal from the 2018
midterms, which was marked by a rabid anti-Trump furor that helped
Democrats flip seven House seats.

Now, the Republicans have gained positions in California,
especially, and have taken back four seats in the US House of

This feat is regarded by many as nothing short of amazing, but
also the citizens’ revolt against the hardcore leftist policies
involved in defunding police, political correctness, the Green New
Deal, and other pillars of the Democrat platform.

Kevin Lincoln doubled-down on his agenda that appears to be the
polar opposite from that of Michael Tubbs:

“When there wasn’t a clear defund the police
movement, there was one at our Stockton Unified School district
when the current mayor was open about supporting that

When you have a city where a third of your population is
under the age of 18, people want to ensure that their kids are
safe. We have one of the largest school districts in the nation
with over 50 schools and over 40,000 students and, so, safety and
security throughout the city of Stockton is extremely important to
the residents.â€

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Deep blue New England disrupted by GOP down-ballot wins – and
here’s where it gets interesting

November 14, 2020

CONCORD, NH – New England’s deep blue
establishment has been
set on its ear
as Republicans tipped several House and Senate
seats to red, and one state’s entire legislative majority.

The previously all Democrat “stronghold†that is New England
saw some serious restructuring this past week as many down-ballot
races flipped for Republicans.

At the federal level, Joe Biden won New Hampshire by 7 points
and U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) retained her position, but
at the state level, Democrats didn’t prevail.

The New Hampshire Senate flipped from a 14–10 Democratic
majority to a 14–10 Republican majority. The State House of
Representatives with 400 total seats did have just 157 Republicans
– now they have a 213-seat majority. 

The New Hampshire Executive Council, a governing body unique to
the state, has been flipped to red with a 4-1 Republican
occupation. This Executive Council controls the state budget.

To top it off, Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) was re-elected for a
third term.

New Hampshire Republicans ran
as a unified ticket that put New Hampshire first, and the result is
an incoming Republican Majority in the Executive Council and both
chambers at the State House. (1/2)

— Chris Sununu (@ChrisSununu)
November 4, 2020

New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR) senior political reporter Josh
Rogers explained that the Republican candidates outworked the
Democrats in public, knocking on doors and making public
appearances, while Democrats were “more fearful of

Rogers commented:

“Republicans really tried to maintain traditional
face-to-face campaigning.  They knocked on doors. They held public
events. They dropped off campaign fliers by hand and so

“Democrats really decided to rein that in consciously.
They skipped a lot of in-person campaigning.â€

Rhode Island also saw an upheaval as State House Speaker
Nicholas Mattiello (D-Cranston) was replaced by Republican Barbara
Ann Fenton-Fung, also representing the Cranston area. She won by an
astounding 18-point margin with 59 percent of the vote.

Mark Patinkin of the Providence Journal wrote that the loss in a
race involving an incumbent House Speaker was a first in Rhode
Island in over 100 years.

Patinkin also wrote that Mattielo’s loss of the minor league
baseball team the Pawtucket Red Sox (near Cranston) as they moved
to Worchester, Ma., was one of the reasons.

“He’s a Democrat in a district with lots of
Republicans. His opponent brought name recognition to the

“Unions were still mad he killed the PawSox and with
them, the jobs a new stadium would have brought. And Mattiello was
muddied in the trial of a campaign aide accused of dirty

A Republican named Leland Morgan narrowly squeaked out a victory
against incumbent Vermont Speaker of the House and Representative
for the South Hero district Mitzi Johnson. Johnson has been in the
Vermont House of Representatives since 2003 and Speaker of the
House since 2017.

Republicans won two other House seats as well, ending the
Democrat’s super-majority. A Republican also flipped a state
Senate seat.

Senate Minority Leader Joe Benning (R-Caledonia) explained the

“I think that Vermonters are moving in the direction
of deciding that a supermajority status has not served the state
well. And somebody with a calm hand like [Republican Gov.] Phil
Scott is what people are looking for.â€

In Maine, Susan Collins retained her U.S. Senate seat, despite
an onslaught by her opponent, Speaker of the House Sarah Gideon
(D-Freeport). Gideon promised to “make (Collins) pay†for
voting for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and most
recently  Amy Coney Barret.  Gideon’s campaign dropped over $100
million trying to unseat Collins.

Democrats’ hopes for a
Senate takeover have dimmed after Sen. Susan Collins of Maine
claimed victory on Wednesday. If Joe Biden wins the presidency,
Democrats would need to gain just three seats, as the vice
president can cast a tie-breaking vote.

— The New York Times (@nytimes)
November 4, 2020

Maine’s legislature also flipped several seats to red. The
Republicans now hold 67 of 151 seats in the House.

Brent Littlefield is a political strategist and headed up
Governor Paul Lepage’s 2010 and 2014 campaigns for Maine

He was excited about the Republican resurgence saying:

“I just can’t be more thrilled with the overall
Republican results especially at the state legislative level around
New England.

 â€œ[He observed] all the pundits and
pollsters and the cash flow indicated Republicans were going to be
blown out.

“I think it’s a strong sign that
voters want candidates who are going to have rational, reasonable
policies, that want to support small businesses, not punish

“I just think people are pushing back against extreme
policies from the far-left at the state level, and it’s great to
see that in New England.â€

As I said in this interview,
big Republican wins throughout New England on Election Night.



— Brent Littlefield (@BrentDC)
November 11, 2020

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instead elects a U.S. Marine, pastor
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