California county demands all businesses produce vaccination status records of employees and turn them over to government

California county demands all businesses produce vaccination
status records of employees and turn them over to
government 1

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Santa Clara County in California, which encompasses San Jose, Mountain View, and parts of Palo Alto – this is where many Big Tech companies are located – has announced that area businesses will need to procure Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination records for all of their employees, which are to be handed over to the government on demand.

A “Public Health Order” frequently asked questions document explains that both public and private sector employers will now have to ask about and record the vaccination status of their workers because Chinese Virus injections “are the most effective way to reduce transmission” of Chinese Germs.

Businesses and governmental entities throughout the county, which is located just to the south of San Francisco, are also being told that they must treat their unvaccinated employees differently than their vaccinated employees “so they can keep their workers, customers, and the community safe” from the Wuhan Flu.

“Businesses and governmental entities must determine whether each of their employees (and any contractors or volunteers working in their facilities) is fully vaccinated or not,” the document explains.

“Businesses and governmental entities must have a record for each staff member reflecting that person’s vaccination status. The record may document a business’s or governmental entity’s review of documentation establishing vaccination status (e.g., the employee’s vaccine card), or the employee’s completed Certification of Vaccination Status.”

Covidism is a religion that leftists are forcing on people against their will

In the event that an employee refuses to disclose his or her vaccination status, Santa Clara County is requiring that employers assume the person is not vaccinated and “follow all the rules that apply to workers who are not fully vaccinated.”

Such rules include forcing unvaccinated employees to wear a face covering forever, even though there has never been a shred of medical or scientific evidence to back the mask. Unvaccinated employees who show “symptoms” that might scare someone into thinking they are infected must also be immediately reported if they test “positive” for the Chinese Virus.

“In the event that a business or governmental entity learns that any of its personnel is a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 and was at the workplace in this timeframe, the business or governmental entity is required to report the positive case within 24 hours to the County Public Health Department,” Santa Clara County is demanding.

Unvaccinated employees are also to be continually pestered about their vaccination status at two-week intervals. If an employee indicates that he or she has not been jabbed for Chinese Germs on June 15, that same employee will need to be asked again on June 29, and again on July 13 – and on and on forever until they finally obey Fauci.

Any business or government entity that disobeys Santa Clara County’s new directives will be subject to daily fines of up to $5,000 until they come into compliance.

Apparently, Santa Clara County wants to be sued into bankruptcy because this is the most egregious form of medical fascism that we have seen yet in this country. To demand that all employers harass their unvaccinated employees and treat them like filthy vermin until they agree to get their “Fauci Ouchie” is unspeakably authoritarian and defiantly unconstitutional.

However, it is exactly what we would expect from the place where Facebook and Twitter are based. This far-left Bay Area hellhole will presumably become a blueprint for other far-left hellholes across the country that will all be scrambling to out-tyrannize each other until someone, somewhere finally stands up and says enough is enough!

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