California court order releases more than 250 criminal illegal aliens in America – many have reoffended since release

California court order releases more than 250 criminal
illegal aliens in America – many have reoffended since
release 1

SACRAMENTO, CA – The State of
released over 250 illegal aliens back into the
community after a court order in October ordered them to do

The mindset of the order from Adelanto, California, was to free
up jail space. 

However, neither the jail nor the state apparently cared that
some of those arrested had a violent history and most likely never
intended to abide by the courts order. 

Now, several of them have fled the state and others have been
rearrested for other offenses.

How compassionate.

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews)
December 10, 2020

The courts seemed to believe that placing GPS monitoring on
those who were released would ensure that the courts could keep
tabs on them and they would not reoffend. 

The problem is that GPS trackers do not seem to work on
criminals who do not care what the laws of the country are, which,
at minimum, is evidenced by them coming into the country

Some of the criminal records for those who were released back
into the community were those that had convictions for assault with
a deadly weapon, child cruelty, violating a protection order, drunk
driving, false imprisonment, child sex crimes, and gun

It is unknown how anyone in good conscience could sign off on
releasing people with those types of convictions back into the

And, in a shocking twist, several of those have been rearrested
while others have fled the state after removing their GPS
monitoring devices according to Immigration and Customs

According to Tony
, the ICE Senior Official Performing the Duties of the

“The fact that some of the released detainees have
committed additional crimes demonstrates the dangers of these
court-ordered releases and how they can harm the public in the

We were firm in our warning that these releases would
impact public safety, and unfortunately, it did not take long for
some of these criminal aliens to reoffend. 

This proves that many of these aliens are recidivist
offenders who should not have been released in the first

Soros-Funded Los Angeles
District Attorney to Help Criminal Illegal Aliens Avoid



— VRA (@varepall)
December 9, 2020

Examples of the new law violations some of the illegal aliens
were arrested for is as follows:

-Felony lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14

-DUI and violation of a restraining order

-Carrying a loaded firearm along with burglary. 

Obviously, those that have been rearrested should be a clue that
there is a reason they were behind bars to begin with, not to
mention, ordered to be held by ICE while awaiting deportation.

Consider for a moment, that the criminal illegal aliens, those
that have shown no regard for our country’s laws, were removed
from the country and not allowed to return.  How many fewer people
would be victimized each year as a result?

The point here are the specific crimes that are committed by
criminal illegal aliens would most likely never occur if that
criminal illegal alien was deported and somehow permanently stopped
from further illegal reentry into the country.

Our new country’s going to be

— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter)
December 3, 2020

Whereas a number of these criminal illegal aliens were
rearrested, there were also several who simply disappeared as soon
as they got the chance.  Pham said:

“We have other individuals who have relocated out of
state and failed to report, as required, to their new ICE office;
individuals who have appeared to tamper with and/or remove their
ATD (GPS) monitoring devices; and others who cannot be located
using the phone numbers and addresses they provided our

These absconders show a complete lack of regard for the
legal system that authorized their release, and our immigration
laws and policies.â€

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Biden reiterates plans on amnesty for 11 million illegal
immigrants, says it’ll go to Senate in first 100 days

November 26, 2020

Joe Biden is once again mentioning his plans regarding
an amnesty effort
 for approximately 11 million illegal
immigrants to become U.S. citizens. 


During a recent interview with Lester Holt on NBC, Biden said
that while his amnesty plans will be contingent on cooperation from
Congress, he plans to follow through with his campaign

Biden said:

“Some of it’s going to depend on the kind of
cooperation I can or cannot get from the United States

“But I am going, I made a commitment, in the first 100
days, I will send an immigration bill to the United States Senate
with a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented
people in America.â€

Even if the Senate remains in control of the Republican party,
there are concerns that amnesty
may be entertained by some Republicans
 in the Senate. Reports
have surfaced that Senator Lindsey Graham hinted at working toward
“common ground†immigration reform with Democrats. 

But with unemployment
 being as high as they are, exit-poll data during the
2020 election shows that most
 would prefer immigration into the U.S. dialed back
– both legal and illegal entry. 

Apparently, the data showed that 75 percent of voters want to
“limit the admission of new immigrants and foreign guest workers
as long as unemployment remains high due to the COVID-19


Even after the pandemic and low unemployment ends, about 62
percent of voters polled want to see immigration into the country
at a lower rate. 

This does make sense, as studies show that if legal immigration
continues at the current rate – the U.S. could
reach a population of 404 million by 2060

Biden reiterates plans on amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants, says it’ll go to Senate in first 100 days

Biden’s talk about amnesty has been an ongoing topic of
discussion during his campaign. 


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California court order releases more than 250 criminal illegal
aliens in America – many have reoffended since release

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