California farmers shaking almonds off trees to save drought-stricken orchards

California farmers shaking almonds off trees to save
drought-stricken orchards 1

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California’s manufactured “drought” is causing many farmers throughout the Golden State to have to creatively alter their crops in order to salvage some of them.

Almond farmers, for example, are shaking the almonds off their trees in an effort to save the trees themselves from dying due to lack of water. Because government officials are intentionally draining all the reservoirs to save delta smelt, farmers are not getting the water they need to continue producing food.

The result will surely be felt by the entire nation, and perhaps the world, once shelves start to go bare from the lack of yield. It could take a bit of time to manifest, but it is coming.

“Even driving along the west side [of the Central Valley], you’re starting to see things I never saw before,” revealed Victor Hanson on his show, the Victor Davis Hanson Show.

“There are orchards out there where they’ve shaken the almonds off to keep the tree alive, but not to have enough water for the crop this year.”

Other farmers are disposing of their almond trees entirely, which bodes ominous as California currently provides 80 percent of the world’s supply of almonds – the rest generally come from Spain.

Most of the Western United States is plagued with record-breaking drought conditions on top of horrible government policies that involve wasting precious freshwater by dumping it into the ocean for “environmental” purposes.

“The situation is reshaping the state’s food sector, forcing farmers to reassess which crops they will have the water to produce, and where,” reports indicate.

“It is also challenging food-company executives tasked with keeping grocery store shelves filled when reservoirs or wells run dry.”

Radical “environmentalists” are to blame for California’s “drought”

Jim Anderson, a farmer from Huron, Calif., told the media that his canals have completely run dry, prompting him to opt out of planting his 6,000 acres, which are usually brimming with foods like garlic and carrots.

Instead, Anderson has had to reroute groundwater from his wells to water his almond crops, which represent decades of investment. To lose his almond orchards would result in absolute devastation.

“We’re grinding up trees as we speak,” Anderson indicated about how he is even having to trim his almond orchards just to survive. “Beautiful orchards that could’ve lasted another five or six years.”

The Biden regime, meanwhile, is doing absolutely nothing to try to fix the problem. Nothing in China Joe’s infrastructure plan involves expanding water infrastructure with more reservoirs, desalinization plants, and other technologies.

The current water infrastructure in California has not been updated in nearly half a century, back when the state had about half of its current population. The end result, of course, will likely be mass starvation once farmers are no longer able to obtain the water needed to feed the country, as well as much of the world.

Leftists in government are of course blaming “climate change” for the total political failure on both sides of the aisle to address this growing problem. Somehow it is mother nature’s fault that politicians are refusing to get water to crops.

“The drought-stricken almond farmers in California were denied access to a major water supply by a judge citing the Endangered Species Act to protect a type of smelt,” wrote one commenter at Breitbart News about the true culprit behind this looming disaster.

“Conservationists say the smelt are dying in the irrigation pumps, so a judge ruled they must be shut off for much of the growing season. Much of this is a man-made disaster, engineered by environmental activists who have very questionable priorities.”

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