California Firefighters Rescue Missing Teen Buried in Five Feet of Snow

California Firefighters Rescue Missing Teen Buried in Five
Feet of Snow 1

Firefighters saved a 14-year-old’s life after he found himself trapped beneath several feet of snow in Truckee, California, on Wednesday.

“The boy had been playing inside of a snow cave just outside of his home, located in the Serene Lakes area, when an accumulation of snowfall fell from the roof and buried him,” KTVU reported.

Family members waited for him to return home, but when he failed to do so, they called 911.

“The experienced first arriving firefighter/paramedics from Truckee Fire immediately suspected a roof avalanche and began probing the debris at the bottom of the roof,” the department said in a notification post.

Once the first responders got a “hit” with the probe, they began digging and recovered the teenager alive nearly five feet underneath the snow.

“We are extremely happy to share this successful rescue because often these don’t turn out as well. Don’t let this or other winter hazards get you or your family this winter,” the post continued.

The department also offered additional safety advice.

“Stay away from the area where snow slides off the roof, especially metal roofs. The snow can come off very forcefully injuring, burying or even killing a person. Keep kids away from playing in these areas, use the buddy system and check on them frequently,” the notification said.

The boy’s condition was not immediately known, according to the KTVU report.

Facebook users praised the first responders for saving the young man and said they were grateful for their efforts to locate him as fast as possible.

“Awesome rescue!! So thankful you found him,” one person wrote.

“Great save you all! Thank you for all your hard work!” another commented.

The Truckee Fire Protection District is “committed to providing the highest level of public safety services to our community,” according to its website.

“We protect the lives, property and environment of our residents and visitors through fire suppression, emergency medical services, rescue and fire prevention,” the site concluded.

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