California: Residents fight back against city council calling ‘thin blue line’ flag a ‘racist symbol’

California: Residents fight back against city council
calling ‘thin blue line’ flag a ‘racist symbol’ 1

LIVERMORE, CA- Days after Law Enforcement Today reported that the city council in Livermore, California had commissioned a study to conduct an “inventory” of so-called “artifacts and other symbols throughout the city that represent and signify systemic racism,” residents in that city let them know exactly how they feel. 

The study, which also looked at symbols that signify equity and inclusion, included the “thin blue line” flag among symbols that are considered racist. That decision set off some Livermore residents. 

Community members registered their disagreement by waving the flag in downtown Livermore, KTVU reported.

Livermore (CA) residents support police YouTube screenshot

After a November meeting of the “Equity and Inclusion” committee, the council in the California city, in Alameda County about 48 miles east of San Francisco, apparently agreed and deemed the flag meant to honor police officers killed in the line of duty a racist symbol. The flag is also used to honor law enforcement in general.

The committee said their reason for taking inventory of the symbols was to make sure that only inclusive symbols, such as the rainbow flag for example, were displayed on city-owned properties. Aside from city-owned property, however, the committee was also charged with “informing” private property owners that their display of the flag had “noninclusive” connotations.

Breitbart said city officials had planned to make the process transparent by posting committee discussion notes online, however, as the Pleasanton Weekly reported, that did not work out. That fact upset many residents, including the Alameda County Sheriff. Sheriff Greg Ahern said:

“The thin blue line actually stands for the line between justice and injustice and evil and righteousness.

“So, we support the thin blue line and we do that every day in our job.”

Of course, Livermore is hardly alone when it comes to taking a shot at the “thin blue line” flag. Breitbart noted that a Florida high school had banned the flag at high school football games, as reported in Law Enforcement Today.  The reason given by the principal was that the flag might be construed as a political statement attributed to the football team and the school.

The reason the flag was flown at the football game was so a player, Caelen, could pay tribute to his father, a Jacksonville, Florida police officer who died unexpectedly in August 2019.

In Livermore, the “thin blue line” flag was included, among symbols such as the Confederate flag, in a group of such flags and symbols deemed by the committee to be “noninclusive.”

In fact, the Livermore City Council took exception to Law Enforcement Today’s  reporting on the original inventory, claiming that it was “inflammatory.” USSA, which sourced this article, instead referred to the council’s “inventory” as being inflammatory.

USSA noted that the city council’s committee was in essence attempting to “dox” people who have either a “thin blue line” flag, or other so-called “symbols of hate.”

As USSA notes, the actions taken by the Livermore City Council appear to continue a “war on police,” and that residents of the city kicked back.

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California city ‘committee’ conducting “inventory” of ‘racist symbols’, includes Thin Blue Line flags

December 12, 2020

The following article contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

LIVERMORE, CA- Yet another “woke” city, this time in California is jumping on the “systemic racism” bandwagon, this time in Livermore, located in Alameda County, about 48 miles east of San Francisco. Of course, where else would you expect to find a woke city.

Livermore is in the process of working to “integrate equity and inclusion into the fabric of the community,” according to a November article in the Pleasanton Weekly.

So, what exactly is the mission of this newly formed subcommittee? Well apparently, one of their charges is to hunt down so-called “artifacts and other symbols throughout the city that represent and signify systemic racism as well as the symbols that signify equity and inclusion.”

So, our Law Enforcement Today readers, what do you suppose is included among those “artifacts and symbols throughout the city that represent and signify systemic racism?”

If you guessed the Thin Blue Line flag, you would be correct. Oh, and of course confederate flags are also included in that group. Other groups and symbols included in the “systemic racism” group include “sculptures of families/children with Eurocentric features” [aka whites] and totem poles.

California city 'committee' conducting "inventory" of 'racist symbols', includes Thin Blue Line flagsLivermore, CA Equity/Inclusion subgroup screenshot from .pdf document

The equity and inclusion committee is divided into subgroups, one which is called the “Community Culture and Representations” subgroup.

In the minutes from their November 17, 2020 meeting, the group was to oversee an inventory to “identify symbols, artwork, objects, artifacts, etc. in Livermore that represent and signify racism.” For equal time, they also agreed to identify those same symbols, etc. that signify equity and inclusion.

While initially the charge of the subgroup appeared to be to only inventory city-owned properties, that mission was changed to also include the entire city, including those on private property, including “confederate flag, Thin Blue Line flag, inclusive signs.”

California city 'committee' conducting "inventory" of 'racist symbols', includes Thin Blue Line flagsLivermore CA Equity/Inclusion subgroup minutes .pdf screenshot

So clearly, Thin Blue Line flags and confederate flags — bad; inclusive signs — good.

The suggestion for non-city owned properties was to “reach out and partner with organizations, businesses, agencies, etc. that do have authority to educate and influence. [emphasis added]

They then suggest creating some type of a template and/or checklist for these groups to follow, which would enable them to be “partners” in coercing the creation of an inclusive city. The coercive part is our opinion, but we believe a valid one.

Oh, but there’s more. Under action steps, subgroup members are encouraged to “take photos of symbols in their neighborhoods and across the city, to include when and where the photo was taken [emphasis added] which would be included in a shared Google Doc.

California city 'committee' conducting "inventory" of 'racist symbols', includes Thin Blue Line flagsLivermore CA Equity/Inclusion subgroup .pdf screenclip

It seems to us this is an attempt to ostensibly dox those who have items such as Thin Blue Line flags or confederate flags displayed at their homes.

Subgroup members are then instructed to make a “qualitative assessment of the meaning of the symbols based on history, placement, personal perspective, etc., of the symbol.

Further included in the action steps is:

“When the inventory is collected, the subgroup will develop the actions to take in response, such as education, policy changes or persuasion [emphasis added] to address symbols that reflect and perpetuate systemic racism, while promoting symbols that reflect and perpetuate equity and inclusion.”

So, there you have it … another woke city calling the symbol which historically represents fallen police officers a racist symbol. Just another example of the war on police.

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