California restaurant that never closed and never masked says only unvaccinated diners allowed

California restaurant that never closed and never masked
says only unvaccinated diners allowed 1

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Basilico’s Pasta E Vino in Huntington Beach, Calif., has a new requirement for diners: no vaccinated patrons allowed.

The popular Southern California eatery has notoriously flouted all Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions from the government since the very beginning, including indoor dining restrictions, mask mandates, and now Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recent proclamation that only jabbed people in the Golden State are allowed to take off their masks.

Signs on the front of Basilico’s now state that proof of being unvaccinated is required in order to enter. “We have zero tolerance for treasonous, anti-American stupidity. Thank you for pondering,” they go on to read.

The owners of Basilico’s are not actually checking their guests’ vaccine cards, or lack thereof, upon entry, of course. They do want to make it known, though, that they are not going to be pushed around by rogue government officials whose lust for power supersedes all constitutional bounds.

Not once has Basilico’s changed any aspects of its business since the start of the plandemic. The restaurant remained fully open at all times, and even made a policy that it did enforce disallowing anyone with a mask from entering the establishment.

It was one of a few Orange County safe havens where freedom-lovers were free to congregate without having to antisocially distance or cover their faces in order to enjoy an even out from the cruel lockdowns.

“So to be clear, if you enter the restaurant for dine in, and want to wear a mask, you must remove it when sitting down,” a June 27, 2020, statement from the business read back when mask mandates were the norm.

“If you are standing around inside and waiting for a table, or waiting inside to pick up food for yourself or as a third party delivery driver, and you are wearing a mask, you will be asked to wait outside.”

Freedom-haters continue to try to take down Basilico’s with no success

Basilico’s has faced repeated threats of persecution for the stand it has chosen to take. The California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control tried to withdraw the restaurant’s liquor license for operating a “disorderly premises.”

That case has gone nowhere, and Basilico’s has maintained its liquor license. However, a spokesperson for ABC claims that the “case is pending.”

“We feel blessed to go into battle against all of you in defense of American liberty and freedom, so bring it on!” the owners wrote on July 26 on their Facebook page, indicating that they remain committed to the cause no matter what comes their way.

At one point in time, owner Tony Roman actually went so far as to rent a billboard in Los Angeles near the Beverly Center advertising his restaurant with a slogan borrowed from “The Godfather” and slightly modified that became popular amid this whole saga:

“Leave the mask, take the cannoli,” it read.

Back in June of this year, Basilico’s was issued a $152,060 fine from Cal / OSHA for operating as usual, to which it responded in July by posting the names and phone numbers of all the administrators and inspectors at the regulatory agency.

Basilico’s urged its supporters to call each one of them to voice their opposition to the despotic move, as well as film clips from the “Godfather” movies that are suggestive of the fact that the restaurant has no intention of every paying these tyrannical fines.

On an average night, Basilico’s is hopping with lines out the door. It has been that way throughout the entirety of 2020, suggesting that freedom is popular.

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