California Secretary of State Tries to Nail Black Conservative Over a Technicality, Then Judge Reveals the Truth

California Secretary of State Tries to Nail Black
Conservative Over a Technicality, Then Judge Reveals the
Truth 1

It’s a great week for conservative talk radio host and California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder.

Elder won his lawsuit against California Secretary of State Shirley Weber after being left out from the list of 41 candidates appearing on the state recall election ballot on Sept. 14. The final number of candidates, released on Wednesday night, has since gone up to 46.

Elder was reportedly left off the final list because his tax documents were “improperly redacted,” Politico reported.

Candidates were under the impression that they had to disclose five years of tax returns under a statute signed by Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom himself in 2019 to originally stop former President Donald Trump from getting on the presidential ballot.

That statue, however, was deemed unconstitutional by the state Supreme Court for presidential candidates, and Trump did end up appearing on the 2020 ballot.


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“I don’t find Mr. Elder was required to file a tax return at all,” Superior Court Judge Laurie M. Earl said, according to the California Globe. “I would find he substantially complied.”

“I don’t find that the recall election is a direct primary election ballot,” she continued. “I don’t find that Mr. Elder was required to file tax returns at all.”

After winning his case, Elder quickly posted an update on social media to celebrate his legal victory putting him on the official gubernatorial ballot.

“Victory! My next one will be on Sept. 14 at the ballot box,” he tweeted on Wednesday.

Just hours later, a Nexstar and Emerson College poll of 1,085 registered voters in California showed the black conservative pundit leading the pack of candidates looking to replace Newsom.

Elder had 16 percent support, at least 10 percent higher than all other candidates listed by name in the poll.


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The same poll showed that support for the recall since March is up 5 percent as well, meaning that the walls are closing in on Newsom.

The poll reported a margin of error of +/-2.9 percentage points.

There are over 40 candidates vying for the governor’s office, and having so many names will likely boost turnout, despite the legal circus surrounding the election.

Every registered voter in California will be receiving a mail-in ballot as well, so it is important that the California Republican Party has a strategy in place to support the top candidates and their mobilization efforts.

For now, the data is showing that Elder, the “Sage from South Central,” is the most likely replacement.

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