California Security Guard Stabs Man for Refusing to Wear Mask

California Security Guard Stabs Man for Refusing to Wear
Mask 1

A California security guard stabbed a grocery store customer after he allegedly became violent when employees asked the man to wear a mask, according to police.

Witnesses on the scene said the victim entered the Vons supermarket in Santa Monica, California, and staff requested he put on a face mask, which caused him to become “belligerent” and assault the employee.

This altercation between the employee and the man led the security guard to intervene, which caused the scene to get bloody.

Police say the security guard tried to escort the customer out of the store, but a struggle and fight ensued between the two. As the security guard and customer struggled, the guard produced a pocket knife and then reportedly stabbed the victim multiple times.

“When somebody came up to break it up, pull them apart, but then that guy was bleeding profusely, where [the guard] gotten him,” said witness Andre Berryman.

The security guard reported the incident to 911 and claimed the stabbing was self-defense.

“So that was pretty much what happened. It was all behind him not wearing a mask,” Berryman added.

On November 8th, at about 10:35 PM, a call was received of a stabbing at the Vons Market (710 Broadway). The…

Posted by Santa Monica Police Department on Tuesday, November 9, 2021

It is uncertain if the security guard will face criminal charges for the stabbing. Santa Monica police Lieutenant Rudy Flores said, “I don’t have the specifics on the actual knife, if it’s a pocket folding knife, then, yes, it is legal and he can be armed with it.”

When the police arrived, they found the victim outside and gave him medical attention until the Santa Monica Fire Department arrived on the scene.

According to a police statement, “the customer is recovering at a local hospital and has been listed as stable.”

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