“Canadian Crown Agent” firm Dominion Voting Systems increasingly looks like it was behind much of the 2020 vote fraud as Guiliani says whistleblowers coming forward

“Canadian Crown Agent” firm Dominion Voting Systems
increasingly looks like it was behind much of the 2020 vote fraud
as Guiliani says whistleblowers coming forward 1

(Natural News) The pukes in the ‘mainstream’ media have been claiming for months that “widespread voter fraud” in U.S. elections is a myth, which is exactly why Americans would be wise to disregard them.

Our media establishment, when it isn’t beclowning itself with insane rants against President Donald Trump, has been complicit in attempting to depose him since before he was even sworn in. And they continue to play the role of election interference interlopers as the president and his campaign get closer to finding out just how Joe Biden managed to steal an election that was all going Trump’s way until vote counts suddenly stopped in the wee morning hours after polls closed Nov. 3.

Now, we’ve already seen instances of ‘old-fashioned’ voter fraud: Dead people voting, fake ballots, ballot harvesting, etc. The president’s legal teams are currently pursuing remedies in state and federal courts; no doubt the U.S. Supreme Court will have to get involved at some point.

But clearly deep state Democrat operatives couldn’t just steal an election using dead voters and paper ballots. Those would be too easy to dispute, so another method was employed: Electronic vote shifting.

Already, one instance of this has been reported in Michigan. 

“In Antrim County, ballots were counted for Democrats that were meant for Republicans, causing a 6,000 vote swing against our candidates,” Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox said at a press conference Nov. 6. “The county clerk came forward and said, ‘tabulating software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the votes.’”

Right. ‘A glitch.’

Enter the Dominion Voting System, which GreatGameIndia describes as a “Canadian Crown Agent” used for deceiving voters and stealing elections. The outlet reports: 

A so-called computer “glitch” in the voting machines flipping votes during the 2020 US Elections has caused a major controversy. The source and ownership of the voting machines used in the elections has become an urgent issue because of real fears that hackers, whether foreign or domestic, might tamper with the mechanics of the voting system. 

However, GreatGameIndia has found that the vendors and not hackers may be behind the rigging. One of the vendors, a Denver-based Canadian Crown Agent company Dominion Voting Systems has a long history of allegation of election rigging and interference in elections of various nations, including census data theft in India and interference in US Elections of 2020.

A similar ‘glitch’ happened in two Georgia counties that caused voting to come to a screeching halt Election Day morning because of “a vendor uploading an update to their election machines the night before,” Politico reported.

Why in the world are voting machines that ostensibly had already been certified by election officials being updated the morning before the election?

And, as GreatGameIndia notes, it just so happens that Dominion systems were also used in other battleground states: Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — all of which went for or are leaning towards Biden.

It should be noted that Dominion systems have been rejected three times by Texas election officials because they could not meet basic cybersecurity requirements.

There’s more. 

As former federal prosecutor and Michael Flynn lawyer Sidney Powell discussed with Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo on Sunday, the voting machines are key to this election theft.

“The computer glitches could not and should not have happened at all,” Powell told Bartiromo, adding that “is where the fraud took place, where they were flipping votes in the computer system or adding voters that did not exist.”

“We need an audit of all of the computer systems that played any role in this fraud whatsoever,” she added. “They had this all planned, Maria. They had the algorithms, they had the paper ballots waiting to be inserted if and when needed, and notably, President Trump’s vote in the blue states went up enormously.

“That’s when they had to stop the vote count and go in and replace votes for Biden and take away Trump votes.”

Bartiromo cited reports that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “chief of staff is a longtime executive” at Dominion Voting Systems. She added that Richard Blum, husband to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) is a “significant shareholder in the company” as well.

And there’s even more.

Presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani announced Wednesday that whistleblowers from Dominion are coming forward to give sworn statements — presumably about how the systems were used to swipe votes.

We thought that ‘Russiagate’ was the greatest political scandal in the history of our country. 

We were wrong: Election Theft 2020 is.

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