Will SCOTUS tell Congress to decide who wins the election?

Will SCOTUS tell Congress to decide who wins the
election? 1

(Natural News) Emmy-winning TV host and political reporter Rita Cosby strongly believes that the Supreme Court will end up having the final say as to what becomes of the 2020 presidential election, particularly as it pertains to the situation in Pennsylvania. And our guess is that SCOTUS will ultimately defer to Congress, which will then be tasked with making the final decision as to whether President Trump or Joe Biden takes office.

Appearing on a recent episode of “American Thought Leaders,” a program of The Epoch Times hosted by Jan Jekielek, Cosby talked about the parallels between what is happening today and what took place back in 2000 when the George W. Bush campaign contested the state of Florida and ultimately ended up winning the election against Al Gore.

It was the night of Dec. 12, 2000, that SCOTUS made its final decision on Bush vs. Gore, and Cosby remembers it quite well because she was standing on the steps of the Supreme Court reporting on it at the time. She recalls that SCOTUS had previously issued a temporary stay against a requested recount, followed by a final decision to stop the count for good, which effectively handed the victory to Bush.

All of this happened more than a month after election day, by the way, which means today’s whining Democrats are patently wrong in claiming that what Trump is now doing by “stalling” the election is supposedly “unprecedented.” The truth is that there is so much apparent fraud that the only right thing for the Trump campaign to do, in the interest of honest elections, is to challenge the highly questionable results coming out of several key swing states.

In Pennsylvania, for instance, the Trump camp is currently challenging the State Supreme Court’s unlawful decision to override the legislature by allowing votes in Pennsylvania to be received and counter after election day. This is a clear constitutional issue that Cosby agrees will likely end up being heard by SCOTUS, which will probably issue a final decision on the matter.

Justice Samuel Alito has already suggested this, instructing Pennsylvania to segregate and secure the mail-in ballots that were received after the 8pm legal deadline on election night. Should the case make it all the way up to SCOTUS, in other words, Justice Alito will have already laid the groundwork for it to be heard and decided upon.

If Congress decides the election, Trump wins

While the Pennsylvania case is similar to that of Florida’s back in 2000, the difference this time is that there are multiple states that the Trump campaign is contesting, and for a number of reasons. It would appear as though Democrats hatched a plot much more elaborate than just “hanging chads,” this time around, and untangling it all is, for lack of a better word, unprecedented.

Though the mainstream media continues to insist that Trump’s claims about voter fraud are “baseless,” that will be for the courts to decide, not CNN and MSNBC. As a seasoned veteran who has seen this kind of stuff before, albeit on a much smaller scale, Cosby recognizes the merits in what Trump is trying to do, and believes it to be both appropriate and necessary.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is of the persuasion that SCOTUS will ultimately nullify the election, leaving Congress with the constitutionally mandated task of deciding the election with one congressional vote per state. Based on the makeup of who would be doing the voting in each state, this would mean a clear win for Trump – be sure to watch below:

We also encourage you to take a look at EveryLegalVote.com, which shows you what the elections results would look like were it not for the Biden camp stealing votes. You can also keep track of the latest election news at Trump.news.

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