CONFIRMED: Dominion Uses SolarWinds Software, Denies Using Software Included In Devastating Hack

CONFIRMED: Dominion Uses SolarWinds Software, Denies Using
Software Included In Devastating Hack 1

Multiple sources have confirmed Dominion Voting Systems utilizes products from SolarWinds, a recently hacked software company that provides IT service management to businesses, the executive branch, intelligence services, and the US military. Dominion denies using SolarWinds products included in the hack.

SolarWinds was hacked in March by who the ODNI, FBI, and CISA refer to as “malicious actors.” The breach of the SolarWinds’ Orion platform was announced this month, just six days before SolarWinds investors sold hundreds of millions of dollars in stock.

The Daily Dot claims that a Dominion Voting Systems spokesperson said “Dominion Voting Systems does not now — nor has it ever — used the SolarWinds Orion Platform, which was subject of the DHS emergency directive dated December 12, 2020.”

However, multiple sources have pointed out that Dominion does, in fact, use some SolarWinds’ software.

DVS recently deleted references and links to SolarWinds off their website, as was pointed out by Ron Watkins, a former administrator for the message board website 8chan.

Amid the concerns regarding the SolarWinds hacking incident, the ODNI, FBI, and CISA issued a joint statement regarding a “cyber security campaign against America,” as National File reported.

“As the joint statement reads, the agencies issued an Emergency Directive which instructed federal civilian agencies “to immediately disconnect or power down affected SolarWinds Orion products from their network” due to exploitation from “malicious actors.”

SolarWinds Orion products (affected versions are 2019.4 through 2020.2.1 HF1) are currently being exploited by malicious actors. This tactic permits an attacker to gain access to network traffic management systems. Disconnecting affected devices, as described below in Required Action 2, is the only known mitigation measure currently available.

CISA has determined that this exploitation of SolarWinds products poses an unacceptable risk to Federal Civilian Executive Branch agencies and requires emergency action.

Dominion Voting Systems uses SolarWinds products, but has recently removed a reference link to SolarWinds from their official website. Dominion has been criticized recently for their potential role involving mass voter fraud in the 2020 US election.”

This story is still developing and National File will continue to cover the SolarWinds hacking incident and its potential implications.

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