Conservatives Clown On ‘Insurrectionist’ Terry McAuliffe For Refusing To Concede Election

Conservatives Clown On ‘Insurrectionist’ Terry McAuliffe For
Refusing To Concede Election 1

Conservative pundits are mocking Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe who has thus far refused to concede the Virginia election to Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, who was named as the victor by multiple reliable outlets earlier tonight.

McAuliffe has thus far refused to concede the Virginia governor’s race despite losing to Youngkin earlier tonight in what was a 10-point margin at the time the race was called in his favor. Since then, Youngkin’s lead has depleted as mail-in ballots are counted and Fairfax County continues to count and recount ballots after a series of technical issues related to flash drives.

Pundits initially questioned whether McAuliffe had been drinking when he appeared to make his election night speech with wine-colored lips and slurred his speech as he explained that not all votes were counted. McAuliffe then did a brief dance as he left the stage.

Later, it became apparent that McAuliffe was contesting the election results, despite McAuliffe and fellow Democrats labeling President Donald Trump and millions of his supporters insurrectionists for doing the same after the 2020 election.

In fact, McAuliffe wrote on Twitter that “not everything is counted and we’re still waiting for a lot of votes to come in” and indicated that he will refuse to concede until “every Virginians’ voice is heard.” Still, as is the hallmark of a concession speech, he thanked his campaign staff and supporters.

In reality, it appears McAuliffe is certain to lose to Governor-elect Youngkin barring the Democrat receiving an inexplicable share of the remaining votes that experts say would send red flags about the integrity of the election.

Multiple Republican pundits have mocked him as a result:

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