Minneapolis Voters Reject Replacing Police Department with Public Safety Agency

Minneapolis Voters Reject Replacing Police Department with
Public Safety Agency 1

Minneapolis voters on Tuesday rejected replacing the police department with a public safety agency.

This is the beginning of the great “Wokelash” – voters are sick and tired of wokeism, cancel culture, CRT, and the Democrats’ defund the police movement.

Fox9 reported:

Minneapolis voters struck down a proposed charter amendment that would have eliminated the city’s police department and replaced it with a public safety agency.

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57 percent of voters voted “no” versus 43 percent for “yes” on a ballot question, which asked if the city charter should be amended to remove the Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a Department of Public Safety. The proposed charter amendment would have eliminated the minimum police staffing requirement as well as the position of police chief.

The charter amendment was drafted in response to calls to defund or dismantle the police department following the murder of George Floyd in May 2020. It has received national attention and was fought in the courts. Millions of dollars were raised and spent by both supporters and opponents of the proposed charter amendment leading up to Election Day.

The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association representing 10,000+ law enforcement blasted politicians in a statement on Tuesday night.


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