Corrupt DOJ now threatening PRISON TIME for anyone organizing audits of elections

Corrupt DOJ now threatening PRISON TIME for anyone
organizing audits of elections 1

(Natural News) It has become patently clear that the Biden regime has no regard for the rule of law, doesn’t care what federal courts say, and has no tendency to follow precedent, as a series of recent actions prove beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Most readers are well aware of what occurred at the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6. We all know that was a deep state false flag operation; people going to hear a president give a speech don’t show up in military gear and body armor. And supporters of President Donald Trump do not attack police officers.

But for trespassing on the Capitol grounds that day, dozens of ‘suspects’ are still in custody at the horrific D.C. Jail where they are being subjected to the same kinds of horrific abuses that prisoners of war suffer in authoritarian regimes. Most of them can’t even see their lawyers, which is blatantly unconstitutional. And yet, not a peep from the “Justice” Department.

Meanwhile, several states are either conducting audits of 2020 ballots or are considering do so, which they are well within their constitutional and legal right to do. But suddenly, under the current regime, it’s not allowed; doing so is a violation of ‘voting rights’ laws, according to the same “Justice” Department that is allowing American citizens to rot in jail in violation of the Eighth Amendment.

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Earlier this summer, Attorney General Merrick Garland ‘warned’ states like Arizona they’d better be careful conducting their audits because any violation of voting laws (real or imagined, of course) would result in punishment.

“Many of the justifications proffered in support of these post-election audits and restrictions on voting have relied on assertions of material vote fraud in the 2020 election that have been refuted by law enforcement and intelligence agencies, of both this administration and the previous one, as well as by every court, federal and state, that has considered them,” Garland said in a speech at the Justice Department in June.

That drew a fiery response from Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem, now a GOP candidate for Arizona attorney general. In an appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic podcast, he warned Garland and his “band of thugs” they’d better stay away from the state’s ballot audit.

“I got news for Merrick Garland, there’s this little thing called the Constitution,” said Finchem. “Article I, section IV, the times places and manner of holding election for senators and representatives… it is the legislature that has responsibility for nominating and naming the electors for President.”

Now, Garland’s thugs have come back with a threat of their own: Jail time if the ‘Justice’ Dept. finds what it will claim are violations of voting laws.

“The ultimate purpose of the Civil Rights Act’s preservation and retention requirements for federal elections records is to ‘secure a more effective protection of the right to vote,’” a document from the department states.

“There are federal criminal penalties attached to willful failures to comply with the retention and preservation requirements of the Civil Rights Act,” it continues.

“Election audits are exceedingly rare. But the Department is concerned that some jurisdictions conducting them may be using, or proposing to use, procedures that risk violating the Civil Rights Act. The duty to retain and preserve election records necessarily requires that elections officials maintain the security and integrity of those records and their attendant chain of custody, so that a complete and uncompromised record of federal elections can be reliably accessed and used in federal law enforcement matters,” the document continues.

Case in point: Finchem is right. The duty to conduct and hold elections falls first to the states, via the Constitution. States would not have joined a federal union at the beginning if those autonomous enclaves were not permitted to control their own balloting.

But again, the Biden regime doesn’t care about the Constitution. It cares about power, even if it means plunging the nation into civil war to get it.

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