President Trump Congratulates Supporters As WISCONSIN Deletes More Than 200,000 False Voter Registrations

President Trump Congratulates Supporters As WISCONSIN
Deletes More Than 200,000 False Voter Registrations 1

President Donald Trump congratulated his supporters Saturday after the Wisconsin Election Commission removed more than 205,000 falsely-registered voters from the voter rolls after the 2020 election. NATIONAL FILE has learned that the Electronic Registration Information Center alerted Wisconsin election officials to this problem back in the summer of 2019, and Wisconsin actually tried to reach the voters by mail at their registered addresses. But only after the 2020 election did Wisconsin delete them from the rolls. Meanwhile, a report issued ahead of a developing full forensic audit in the Badger State shows seven different categories of illegal ballots in Wisconsin in 2020.

“Wisconsin has just canceled 205,000 voter registrations because they say they could not find the voters. Why did they wait until AFTER the election? Would this mean that we would have won Wisconsin? Congratulations,” President Trump stated.

A Wisconsin audit report has identified seven different categories of illegal ballots in the Badger State ahead of a full forensic audit into the election. The information in a report prepared for the audit is historic, and NATIONAL FILE presents it exclusively. READ THE REPORT HERE: LAA_VIP_WI_Report_A

Project History: In the days after the 2020 General Election, many concerned citizens and public figures, including
President Trump, raised several questions about the integrity of the election. Given the close margins
across many states, Matt Braynard and a team of researchers commenced the Voter Integrity Project to
run several experimental analyses. The team designed these analyses in such a way so as to determine if
illegal ballots were cast and, if so, whether that number significantly impacted the outcome of the
election. The initial project ran as many as seven different procedures across six different states at a total cost of
$591,436. Analyzing Wisconsin cost approximately one-sixth of that budget, or $98,573. This covered
the cost of raw data, data processing, and various vendors and call centers that helped with the analysis.  The extremely compressed timeline to produce results for use in litigation and legislative hearings, and
for statewide officials responsible for administering elections and investigating voter fraud, increased
the difficulty of the challenge. Our initial results never received a fair hearing in a court of law nor did
any elected official thoroughly examine our work, however, despite providing results under
extraordinarily difficult and unique circumstances.  The Voter Integrity Project, now under the aegis of Look Ahead America, took a deeper dive into the initial findings. Under the leadership of Braynard and LAA’s Research Director Ian Camacho, a team of forty highly-trained volunteers (LAA’s Research Group) conducted a supplemental investigation into the VIP’s data. This report provides the results of the initial and subsequent investigations:

Look Ahead America The Wisconsin Report Page 5 of 24
Voter Integrity Project
Seven Tranches of Illegal Ballots in Wisconsin

We have identified seven tranches of illegal ballots.

Tranche 1: Early and Absentee Ballots Cast In the Names of Voters (EABCINV) registered illegally.

Tranche 2: Voters Illegally Claiming Indefinite Confinement (IC) Status as a Reason to Vote
Absentee. Wisconsin did not allow the COVID-19 quarantine as a reason to claim
indefinitely confined status.

Tranche 3: EABCINV matched to permanent, out-of-state moves in the National Change of
Address Database (NCOA). At the time we processed this match in mid-November, the database
contained records as far back as four years prior to as recent as October 1, 2020.

Tranche 4: EABCINV matched to Out of State Subsequent Registrations (OOSSR) using our
national voter database (NVD). In these cases, the voter had registered in Wisconsin and
matched to voters subsequently registered in another state.

Tranche 5: Election Day Ballots Cast In the Namesof Voters(EDBCINV) registered illegally.

Tranche 6: EDBCINV matched to the NCOA and OOSSR.

Tranche 7: Unmatchable Invalid Residencies Among EABCINV and EDBCINV

Tranche 1: EABCINV Registered Illegally

In the state of Wisconsin, it is illegal for a voter to register with a residential address where they do not
live. (The same holds true for nearly all other states.) The VIP matched the EABCINV against the known
lists of postal box facilities (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.) and similar addresses where individuals could not
live. We found that many registrants disguised box numbers as ‘Apt’ numbers, ‘Suites’, and ‘Units.’
In some cases, these facilities exist at the same addresses of legitimate apartment buildings, however
we scrubbed our list of any potential false positives by calling the management companies as well as
investigating property records. In other cases, these individuals claimed to reside at businesses that our
systems flagged due to their location beside a USPS/UPS/FedEx drop off box. While these were not
technically postal box registrations, the individuals registered at these addresses neither resided,
owned, nor even worked at these businesses, which was why we marked these registrations as illegal.
Due to time and resource constraints, we did not run this analysis using EDBCINV. However, we did
match a small number of EDBCINV that had the exact same addresses that were matched using

In total, we identified 65 EABCINV/EBDCINV registered illegally in Wisconsin.

The complete list of EABCINV data is shared in Appendix B.

NOTE: We also found several dozen inactive registrations that we didn’t include in our count as they
didn’t count either way towards the final election numbers, as well as active voters who did not vote in
November 2020. Nevertheless, they should be purged in future reviews of the Wisconsin state vote rolls in order to sanitize and safeguard the elections.

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