Delaware Voter Says ‘Enough Is Enough’

Delaware Voter Says ‘Enough Is Enough’ 1

DOVER—Catherine Murphy actually hadn’t planned to join any demonstrations regarding the presidential elections. When her husband told her he wanted to go to a Stop the Steal rally in Dover, Delaware, one of many happening across the country on Nov. 14, Murphy said she wouldn’t be joining him. As a nurse, she wanted to keep her professional position apolitical.

“But then I said, you know, if I can’t support my president, then how am I any different from anybody else who hides and stays inside? So if he’s going to be out there and he’s going to be fighting for us, I feel like I have to do my duty to fight for him,” Murphy said. “I came today because I feel it’s our constitutional right as Americans.”

“I think America’s going through a lot of turmoil actually. I really feel unfortunately that the media is definitely in the tank,” she said.

Conservatives tend to be compliant people, quietly going about their lives, “we don’t like to make waves,” Murphy said. “We’re honorable people, we work hard for our money, we’re middle class people.” But the media hasn’t represented these voices at all, she said.

“Together as small groups we’ll fuss, but we don’t stand on that soapbox and we don’t fight for our rights unfortunately but that’s got to stop,” she said. “It seems like the few in our country are speaking for the many. And it’s just not right.”

“I believe in a lot of things that our president has done, like bringing [industries] in America, making things,” Murphy said. “I remember a time, when I was young, when America meant great things. Walmart was American made; nothing in Walmart wasn’t made in America, and now it’s made in other countries.”

“And God bless those countries because those people need to make money too, but it seems like we’re the most giving country, we give and give and give away, but you’ve got to clean your house and home first,” Murphy said.

She doesn’t believe the media can decide what Americans should believe and expect everyone to go along with it.

“The time for that has got to stop, we’re not cattle, we’re intelligent people,” Murphy said.

“Why does everybody want to move to America? Because it’s the greatest freedom, right?” she said.

She hopes Americans can remember again why America is worth fighting for. Both her sons, her husband, and her step father have served in the military. “And I think there’s something to be said for people who have gone into the military, not that you have to, but it gives you an appreciation for what you fight for. But even people in the military are not really appreciated for what they have done for the world, but they paid the ultimate price for me to speak to you today, or for anybody who is here.”

“Why shouldn’t our speech be as good as the other side’s speech? We’re not being violent about what we’re saying enough is enough, don’t shove things down our throat and tell us what you want us to believe,” Murphy said.

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