Delaware Voter Says Nation’s Division Is Spiritual Too

Delaware Voter Says Nation’s Division Is Spiritual
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DOVER—Regina Kadow says the chaotic division we see in the United States today isn’t just politics, it’s something spiritual.

“I came here today to support our nation, I came here to support our constitution, I came here to support Donald Trump,” she said at a Stop the Steal rally in Dover, Delaware on Nov. 14, 2020. Like thousands across the nation, locals joined the demonstration to call for fair and free elections.

“I think we’re going through a big change right now,” Kadow said. “There’s a lot of division that’s going on in the United States right now. I think it’s a matter of good versus evil. I feel like there is just, it’s really hard to explain but I really do feel like there is an internal, spiritual war going on in the United States.”

“I think we need to pray, I think we need to humble ourselves and ask God to come to the United States—we’ve kicked Him out of everything, we’ve kicked Him out of our schools, we’ve kicked Him out of our court system, we’ve kicked Him out everywhere. This is what happens when we tell God that we don’t need him anymore: division, chaos, hatred .. and evil that is just spreading,” she said. “We need Him.”

“We need to bring back the people, we need to united,” Kadow said. “United States of America, one nation under God, that’s what we need to become.”

News media has lost her trust, she said, because it has worked to divide people, and social media has become a disappointment with its censorship as well.

“But I’m grateful that other social media platforms have been popping up so we don’t have just one platform that we can go to, we have others,” she said. “When you do censorship you’re censoring a good portion of the population. It doesn’t mean we’re wrong it just means we are unique individuals, and we should all just respect what each other feels and each other’s opinions.”

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