Election Fraud

Election fraud: 'If I had a Hammer' … and the DNC did!

Election fraud: 'If I had a Hammer' … and the DNC
did! 1

Coups are as old as written history. The first – a violent coup – occurred in 876 B.C. when a military commander killed Israelite King Elah, along with all his relatives. As man became more civilized, the soft coup became optional as government leaders were simply removed from power if coup leaders felt sufficient support for doing so. Such happened in 2013 Egypt when Gen. Abdel el-Sisi removed then President Mohamad Morsi. However, 21st century technological advancements have introduced a new type of coup, first observed in 2017 in Honduras.

Best described as a “sleeper coup,” it targets nations relying on vote-counting technology. Because those with sinister intent have accessed computers in the dead of night, coups can occur as voters sleep. Awakening the next morning, they accept election results – no one being the wiser. Should suspicions arise, however, the sleeper coup may fail.

On Nov. 26, 2017, Honduras held a presidential election pitting opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla against incumbent President Juan Orlando Hernandez. Nasralla was winning by 5 points until a suspicious “computer glitch” miraculously gave Hernandez the lead. Quickly holding a press conference, Hernandez announced victory, over-emphasizing the “impeccable” nature of the voting process.

Prior election rumors had circulated about manipulated votes, but sufficient evidence this time prompted the Organization of American States, joined by other international community members, to request a new election. Undeterred, Hernandez was inaugurated.

Friendly governments, perhaps believing the U.S. could never fall victim to manipulated voting, and unfriendly governments, believing in the return of a softball foreign policy with a Joe Biden presidency, quickly congratulated him once the pro-liberal media crowned Biden president-elect.

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While President Donald Trump’s legal team pursues numerous lawsuits against states caught up in purported fraud, the primary legal argument rests on proving massive fraud. It will be shown this occurred courtesy of a tool for hacking vote-counting computers, developed by the CIA to monitor and influence foreign enemies. With the assistance of a CIA whistleblower who developed it in 2003 and a true patriot, retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, who understands the tool better than anyone else, the ugly truth is emerging. Despite CIA’s charter banning domestic operations, this technology was applied domestically to ensure a political party’s gain.

The technology, known as “Hammer and Scorecard” (“Hammer” is the supercomputer and “Scorecard” the software) steals elections by tampering with computers at state election computer-system transfer points and outside third-party election data vaults as votes transfer, using a prismatic scoring algorithm created to achieve the desired result. Barack Obama, upon learning of its existence in 2009, shared it with the Democrat National Committee. Recognizing its potential as a political weapon, he illegally commandeered and transferred it to Fort Washington, Maryland, where his White House, via an encrypted Virtual Private Network, could access it at will.

Also capable of eavesdropping, this technology was used to spy illegally, not only on Trump’s campaign leading up to the 2016 election, but also on Trump family members, judges and others – all under the auspices of CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Interestingly, the spying operation also used FBI computers contributed by none other than Trump/Russia collusion investigator Robert Mueller – which created an obviously huge, but ignored, conflict of interest.

Gen. McInerney, 83, first learned about Hammer and Scorecard in 2018 – its existence and danger to American democracy revealed to him by close friend and fellow patriot, Adm. James A. “Ace” Lyons, as he lay dying. Lyons, who had been investigating it, left McInerney with a chilling warning: Obama’s administration had stolen a super surveillance tool designed for foreign surveillance, turning it against the American people.

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The CIA whistleblower will pinpoint exact transfer points where Trump votes were canceled and Biden votes added. This caused Trump to announce just last week he lost millions of votes (via Hammer’s manipulation of voting machine software made by the Canadian company Dominion) during the election.

The whistleblower also allegedly can attest to Hammer’s limited application in the 2012 Obama reelection campaign to win Florida and the 2020 Democratic presidential campaign to impact Biden’s win, at Bernie Sanders’ expense. If so, this exposes Obama’s outrageous hypocrisy in recently comparing Trump to a dictator who would “do anything to stay in power.”

Dominion data analysis Nov. 3-4 shows voting systems abruptly and repeatedly deleted Trump votes entirely or transferred votes to Biden, resulting in 3 million lost Trump votes. Lest one simply dismiss this as a system malfunction, unsurprisingly all changes were unidirectional, constantly decreasing Trump’s advantage.

Ironically, manipulation is further supported by a 2018 New York Times article seeking to argue Trump’s win was achieved courtesy of Russia hacking our voting system. It detailed computer scientist Alex Halderman’s successful hack of a Dominion machine.

Meanwhile, a man with a long history of successfully investigating and exposing corruption – Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani – discovered Dominion’s very questionable history – tied to three unfriendly states stung by Trump’s pro-America foreign policy: China, Venezuela and Cuba.

Trump attorney Sidney Powell is a respected straight shooter. Commenting on Dominion’s voter software and contrary to media claims otherwise, she promises, using an appropriate analogy to the enormous, mythical sea monster, to “unleash the Kraken,” exposing all involved in an extensive voting scam.

Hammer and Scorecard apparently work best in close elections as significant vote shifts might trigger suspicions. But smaller shifts, perhaps no more than 3%, would slide under the radar unnoticed. This might explain why it was not used on Hillary Clinton’s behalf in 2016 as polls projected her win with 95% certainty. Only an enormous 2016 pro-Trump silent majority destroyed plans for back-to-back Democratic administrations.

This technological tool could well have sealed Democrats control of the Oval Office ad nauseam – one administration handing off Hammer to another. However, Trump’s election temporarily disrupted the plot. Unfortunately, Trump failed to rid the deep state of all its bad players involved in the false Trump/Russia collusion claim. Thus, some, possibly even the current CIA and FBI directors, were left in positions to hammer Trump.

Hoping a liberal media will take note that good journalism involves sharing opposing viewpoints, rumors of this tool being involved in the 2020 election have been dismissed by U.S. Cypersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Christopher Krebs – a Trump appointee – as “nonsense.” That comment will be tested shortly by Trump’s fraud case, which is heavily dependent upon the courageous whistleblower, now in hiding, spilling the beans.

The whistleblower will also attest in 2015 he turned over substantial evidence of his technology’s illegal use to James Comey’s FBI, which did nothing about it. (Part of this intelligence treasure trove included 10,000 pages about Hunter Biden’s questionable activities.) Normally, CIA contractors are banned from whistleblowing under state secrets laws but that ban is voided when government malfeasance is involved.

If Trump’s claim of CIA-authorized interference with the election is established, numerous repercussions beyond the election, including criminal charges against those masterminding the sleeper coup, will occur.

At some point American voters will also learn more about a 2018 executive order (EO) Trump had the foresight to issue although ignored by the media. Known as “Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election,” it is having a profound impact on enabling the administration to collect evidence internationally on a “national emergency” basis.

That evidence will lay out what really happened during the 2020 presidential election – evidence that will read more like a movie script than reality. The assets of Dominion, as a Canadian company impacted by the EO, were raided and seized under the EO, along with those of an online voting solutions company called Scytl connected to George Soros and the Democrats. Tellingly, the raids were quietly conducted by elite U.S. Army units in coordination with local governments and without CIA coordination. At some point, further details will be released, placing fraud responsibility at the feet of the largest cast of traitors in America’s history.

Days before the election, in a supposed gaffe, Biden bragged that Democrats had created the “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” We should wonder now whether that comment represents a rare truthful revelation.

In 1962, the trio Peter, Paul and Mary successfully revitalized a 1949 song, “If I Had a Hammer.” The first lyrics of that song are foreboding when considered within the context of Hammer’s role in possibly committing the greatest voting scam in history upon American voters. The lyrics were, “If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning, I’d hammer in the evening, all over this land. I’d hammer out danger, I’d hammer out a warning. …”

In memory of “Ace” Lyons’ dying Hammer warning to McInerney, we sadly need to recognize massive political corruption has reared its ugly head here at home.

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