The post-election reckoning: 7 steps to restore the republic

The post-election reckoning: 7 steps to restore the
republic 1

I’ve got some bad news for people hoping that America goes “back to normal” after this election. For better or worse, our country will never be the same. Worse news is that IF the deep state manages to defeat Trump, we will enter a season of intense “ideological cleansing” when every value we constitutionalists hold dear will be attacked like never before, and conservative leaders and “influencers” will be suppressed, “canceled” and punished as savagely as the “moderates” in the ruling elites will permit. Antifa stormtroopers may be put back in their cage for a while, but BLM with its “Critical Race Theory” agenda certainly won’t, and Big Tech and Big Media will remain the primary tools for defining “reality” to the sizable plurality of the public who can’t think for themselves. Their monopoly and censorship tactics will be institutionalized at the expense of what remains of the First, Second, Fourth, Ninth and 10th Amendments.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by the voices claiming the Democrats have been neutered by stunning losses in the Congress and other down-ballot races. If the policy direction of the left were truly dictated by public opinion, then we would never have “drifted” so far to the left over the past century. Instead, the Marxist left has always pursued its “tide of history” dogma and strategy, in which the fulfillment of their narratives is assumed to be as inevitable as the rising sun, and public opinion is something to be conformed to those narratives through propaganda, psychological manipulation and incremental policy changes. There has never been any “drift” in this process: The Marxists have always had a largely unseen but constant grip on the cultural rudder. Public resistance only influences the speed of transformation.

The two-party system (in which the same elites – e.g., Bush and Clinton – own the establishment of both sides) plays a big part in this. When they think they can get away with rapid change, the elites shift up to Democrat, such as when George H.W. Bush intentionally lost to Bill Clinton in 1992. When the public starts to squirm with discomfort, they downshift to Republican and coast for a while – in the same direction, of course – until the public gets acclimated to the new normal, such as occurred under George W. Bush. Then came massive acceleration under Obama, against whom Romney and McCain were (like Bob Dole before them) token opponents chosen to “take a dive” in their respective races while showcasing the “inadequacy of conservatism in the face of progressive values.”

But megalomaniac Obama went too fast, triggering a political backlash that spawned the tea party rebellion in 2009, which grew into global populist counter-revolution and culminated in Brexit and the election of Donald Trump in 2016. In their panic ever since, the entire Marxist machine has been devoted to driving Trump out by any possible means.

Everything truly hangs on Trump. If he is removed, we face persecution domestically and the completion of the transition to global government internationally. If he wins, we have a continuation of the reprieve God granted to us in 2016.

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This summary confronts us with two inescapable truths. 1) Marxism and constitutionalism are contradictory and mutually exclusive ideologies: one must prevail at the expense of the other, and peaceful co-existence is impossible; and 2) America’s polarization has reached its zenith, and “civil war” (with or without some degree of armed struggle) is inevitable.

What, then, must constitutionalists do if/when Donald Trump’s reelection is confirmed? The obvious but uncomfortable answer is we must purge the Marxists from the seats of power in all of our institutions – as gently but firmly as possible, but without hesitation or compromise. If we do not begin that immediately and continue doggedly until the nation is fully restored to constitutionalism, then the cancer of Marxism will come back just as surely as Hebrew half-measures against Canaanite demonology allowed it to grow back until it overwhelmed the spiritual/cultural immune system of ancient Israel.

This is our country bequeathed to us individually and collectively on the condition that we preserve it in the form in which it was created: A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

Thus, I urge seven steps to restore the peoples’ sovereignty during Trump’s second term:

1. Immediate enforcement of the laws of sedition and treason against all the co-conspirators in the 2020 Election Fraud Coup (which logically includes all of the core players behind the Russian collusion hoax – we don’t need Deep-State Durham).

2. Legislation imposing regulations on all news journalism – as opposed to opinion journalism – imposing strict requirements that ensure fair and balanced coverage in which all significant parties with a clear interest in the public perception of issues and controversies are represented in terms that accurately represent their perspectives: every story, every time, or clearly label it an editorial.

3. Legislation imposing similar standards on public education institutions, administrators and faculty, with additional components to, first, ensure that the topics and perspectives most heavily censored in the past receive special attention to overcome accumulated bias, and, second, impose swift disciplinary action including dismissal of those who defy the regulations. Again, this would mandate balance, not a switch to new forms of one-sided propaganda.

4. Anti-trust action against Big Tech organizations to break their monopolistic stranglehold, in combination with …

5. Nationalization of the internet as a public resource comparable to National Parks and subject to the same types of laws and policies that ensure it is used and managed in the public interest, consistent with the Bill of Rights.

6. Abolishment of public employee unions.

7. Establishment of a stringent uniform mandatory constitutional literacy exam to graduate high school, including a working knowledge of the writings and culture of the Founding Fathers, using primary sources, and age-appropriate preparatory competency and tracking exams in each lower grade.

These steps can begin the restoration of the republic if we have the boldness to pursue them.

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