Exclusive– Conservative Documentarian: Elections Are Not Won and Lost in the Days During an Election, but in Between Elections

Exclusive-- Conservative Documentarian: Elections Are Not
Won and Lost in the Days During an Election, but in Between
Elections 1

“Elections are not won and lost in the days during an election; it’s between the elections,” advised Amanda Milius, director of The Plot Against The President, a documentary film based on Lee Smith’s book of the same name on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

Milius held that winning over hearts and minds on the ideological and political battlefields is an unending endeavor.

She urged concerned Americans to “get involved” in state efforts “to clean the voter rolls” and “turn over the crazy last-minute state laws that the Democrats pushed through right before this last election that allowed a lot of the misbehavior to happen.”

 “All you have to do to volunteer or work for a campaign that you like is walk into their headquarters and say, ‘I want to volunteer,’” Milius added.


Effective documentary filmmaking appeals to an audience’s sense of justice and pulls on emotional levers, Milius explained.

“I’d always studied narrative scripted features; that’s what I was trained in,” Milius said of her academic pedigree at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. “However, I think that it’s helped me in making documentaries.”

Milius added, “The problem [with political documentaries on the right] is they lack an emotional guide. They don’t utilize the tools that you have available to you as a narrative scripted filmmaker as far as setting a mood, as far as keeping the audience on a roller coaster, as far as having people feel their way through the movies as opposed to think their way through the movie.”

“You don’t want to go to a movie and have it be a homework assignment about classified documents,” she warned.

A former Los Angeleno, Milius said she grew tired of conservative “whining” of left-wing political corruption in Hollywood. She described this fatigue as an impetus for her professional journey, which led her to direct The Plot Against The President.

“It’s one of the reasons why I kind of threw my hands in the air with the culture [and] California in general,” Milius recalled. “I sort of lost it and went on a vision quest across the desert and started working for the Trump campaign in Nevada in 2016, which changed my life. Then I joined the administration … and then I end up in the perfect position to make this documentary, proving that the Russia conspiracy was a hoax.”

“I’m not going to whine about how I can’t get hired for Star Wars,” Milius remarked. “I don’t want to work at Star Wars.

Milius concluded, “I think that there is more available to us [as conservatives]. [We must] shake this idea that all creatives have to be blessed by some left-wing organization. [It’s] not the case. Just do your own thing. I know it’s not easy, obviously, but to try as much as possible. … We’ve got to for the country and for the culture.”

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