EXCLUSIVE: Failed Senator Perdue to Join Crowded Georgia Governor Race, Trump Not Ready to Endorse

EXCLUSIVE: Failed Senator Perdue to Join Crowded Georgia
Governor Race, Trump Not Ready to Endorse 1

National File understands that failed Senator David Perdue is set to join the crowded race for Georgia Governor, with President Donald Trump unlikely to endorse him as his choice to challenge Kemp unless Perdue first defeats Vernon Jones in the upcoming primary.

A well placed source with ties to the Georgia Tea Party informed National File that Perdue, who lost his seat in the Senate following his defeat to Jon Ossoff in the run-off race in January this year, will almost certainly be announcing a bid to oust Brian Kemp as Governor by the end of November. National File was able to confirm the accuracy of this story from other sources within Georgia conservative politics.

According to these sources, Perdue met with President Trump at his Mar-a-Lago residence last Saturday where the two played a round of golf and discussed the viability of a challenge to Kemp, who was infamously obtuse following the presidential election last year. Kemp repeatedly obstructed President Trump’s election challenge, and dismissed any evidence of potential voter fraud in the state. President Trump previously pledged to back a candidate to primary him.

While one source claimed that Trump was almost certain to endorse Perdue, other sources voraciously disputed this claim. These multiple sources highlighted that President Trump will want to see Perdue and fellow candidate for Georgia Governor, Vernon Jones, battle it out in the primary, before endorsing the strongest candidate to unseat Kemp.

With both Jones and Perdue both pledging themselves under the pro-Trump banner, it would seem unlikely for President Trump to give one candidate his backing this far out before the election.

One source explained that the 45th President intends to watch the primary contest from the sidelines as both candidates pull votes from Kemp, then endorse the candidate he views as most likely to defeat Kemp in a runoff election. This source also highlighted doubt among the grassroots regarding whether Perdue’s support of President Trump is more than surface level.

Less than one month after the 2020 elections, while allegations of voter fraud were rife, President Trump was actively contesting the state of Georgia, and paths to maintaining the presidency for Trump were still available, Perdue dismissed the Trump White House as the “last administration” on a call with members of the Republican Jewish Coalition, and admitted there would be a “change of command.”

Multiple sources told National File that Perdue would not make his announcement until after the conclusion of the World Series tournament currently taking place between the Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves, set to conclude next week. One source was certain Perdue’s announcement would come before the end of November.

The field of Republicans vying to replace Kemp now includes Jones, who became a Republican this year after previously supporting President Trump in 2016 and 2020 while serving in the Georgia legislature as a Democrat, and Kandiss Taylor, a long shot candidate focused on election integrity who has secured the support of Lin Wood.

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