Undercover video says New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy will impose a statewide mandate after “reelection”

Undercover video says New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy will
impose a statewide mandate after “reelection” 1

NEW JERSEY- James O’Keefe and Project Veritas strike again. Just under a week after claiming he had no plans to implement a vaccine mandate for teachers and other public workers, an undercover video by Project Veritas shows something much more nefarious under foot by New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy.

Murphy, a Democrat and one of the more tyrannical in a litany of tyrannical Democratic governors just last week said he had no plans to issue a vaccine mandate without the option of weekly testing—as was done by communist Bill de Blasio in New York City.

“At the moment we like where we are but we don’t rule anything out,” Murphy said at briefing, NorthJersey.com reported.

Murphy is seeking reelection to a second term as governor of the Garden State.

Despite the lack of a statewide mandate, private businesses have been more aggressive in pushing mandates on their employees, who if they refuse can be fired. For example two of the state’s largest hospital networks—RWJ Barnabas Health and Virtua Health—let go a combined 238 employees who refused to submit to the jab last week.

Up until now, Murphy as been hesitant to implement a blanket vaccine mandate  including to healthcare workers, who can opt out by agreeing to regular testing. However the blush may be off the rose after what O’Keefe was able to uncover.

Gateway Pundit reports that O’Keefe and Project Veritas unleashed the Kraken Monday, an undercover vide of a senior campaign advisor to Murphy saying he will impose a statewide COVID vaccine mandate after (if) he is reelected.

Forced vaccine mandates are unpopular among independents, moderates, and undecided voters, so Murphy is trying to BS those voters into believing he has no intent of forcing needles into resident’s arms.

Wendy Martinez, Murphy’s senior advisor told a Project Veritas advisor that Murphy is holding off until after the election because the “independents and undecided” won’t vote for him if he imposes mandates.

“He [Murphy] is going to do it [COVID vaccine mandate], but he couldn’t do it before the elections,” Martinez said. “Because they’re [undecided and independents] all into the my rights, my shit,” Martinez said.

O’Keefe said, “This appears to be a top down understanding.”

Meanwhile, Matthew Urquijo, manager of NJ Forward, a progressive group said:

“Once, you know, we have a win, he’s like, ‘Alright, guns blazing,’ like, who cares? I’m in, let’s do the mandates, let’s do this, XY and Z.”

The undercover video outing Murphy has drawn the ire of New Jersey Democrats, who are threatening to take legal action against O’Keefe and Project Veritas.

In a letter from a New Jersey law firm, state Democrats claim that Project Veritas had been “intimidating and threatening two female NJDSC (New Jersey Democratic State Committee) members in a parking garage whereby they were able to gain the published materials.

They rue against the organization’s alleged “conduct and connection to other right wing political groups,” claiming it is “documented in a number of publications and is also the source of frequent litigation…” The claim is that Project Veritas engages in “political spying.”

The letter is basically a notification of intent to sue and requests Project Veritas “maintain and retain all discoverable materials” including “electronically stored information, communications, and other interactions between Project Veritas, Ciattarelli for Governor, Inc, the New Jersey Republican State Committee,” etc.

Murphy is currently shown by a Monmouth poll to hold an 11-point lead over Republican Jack Ciattarelli, however the margin has closed by five points in around two months, Bloomberg reports.

Murphy’s drop in the polls is attributed to the elderly, where his support among those 65 and older dropped from 53% in August to 48% this month. Murphy trails Ciattarelli in one key area…taxes…where he trails 39% to 29%.  

Other polls however show a much tighter race, with a Oct. 15-18 Emerson poll showing Murphy with only a six-point lead over the challenger among likely voters. The revelation by Project Veritas could play spoiler in the election.

For his part, O’Keefe remains unfazed. In an Instagram post where he shared the threatening letter from New Jersey Democrats, he responded as follows:

“BREAKING: New Jersey Democrats threaten me with legal action for publishing spoken quotes from the NJ Governor’s campaign office. I’m sharing this letter for all of you to see. My response to Governor is this:

Dear Gov. Murphy—you’ll need a head start on writing yet another threatening legal letter to me because we’re going to release more video inside your campaign this week.

All the best”

Murphy was confronted by Project Veritas about the admission by his campaign, however he refused to answer.

In another undercover exposure of Murphy, it was found he has omitted information on the allocation of taxpayer funds to illegal immigration until after the election.

“I think its 40 million dollars (being allocated to illegal immigrants), something like that—and to designate that at this point would be political suicide.”

Murphy—just another crooked Democrat.

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Tyranny of course is nothing new to Murphy. He had a long-running feud with a gym he tried to put out of business in the height of the pandemic. For our report on that and how the gym fought back, we invite you to:


BELLMAWR, N.J.- There is no question that police officers have been caught squarely in the middle during this unprecedented national lockdown.

They are put in the position of trying to enforce what some consider to be unconstitutional orders, considering that police are sworn to uphold the constitution when they are appointed as officers.

Police officers in New Jersey on Monday walked the fine line between following orders and upholding the constitution.


The New York Post reported that on Monday morning, gym owners Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti reopened their facility in defiance of stay-at-home regulations mandated by New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy.

Belmawr police responded to the facility, which had a large crowd of supporters out front, and one could have reasonably assumed that this was not going to turn out well.

The officers issued a summons to the Atilis Gym owners, and while the summons did not mention a penalty, the offense could potentially land them in jail for six months, and a fine of up to $1,000. Currently across the country, known felons are being released from jail to protect them from coronavirus, so the dichotomy is interesting.

The summons was ordered by Camden County, who forwarded it to the police department, according to a man who answered the phone at the gym.

“We’re assuming that came down from the governor,” he said. “It’s my assumption.”

Police asked the gym-goers and supporters outside to disperse, which they did.

“I think it was important we show some faith because this was never a battle with law enforcement,” the man said. “We complied with that; we had the crowd disperse.”

He added that the gym will reopen again on Tuesday.

The crowd started to gather Monday morning around 5am in support of the owner’s defiance of what many believe to be draconian measures implemented by Murphy.

Most of the supporters did not wear masks, and many wore hats and shirts in support of President Trump, while others held signs demanding an end to the lockdown restrictions.

Among the signs were some which read, “Tyranny is spreading faster than COVID-19.” Many chanted, saying things such as “Let us get back to work” in unison. 

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, a couple of hours before the summons was served, at around 11 a.m., an officer informed the gym’s owners they were operating in violation of the executive order, but then left without taking any further actions, leading to cheers from the crowd and chants of “U.S.A, U.S.A!!”

“Formally, you’re all in violation of the executive order,” said an officer, who was identified as a Capt. Parker by Bellmawr police, as he addressed the crowd of supporters. “On that note, have a good day and stay safe.”

At that time, the officers did not ask the crowed to disperse despite the violation of the executive order which bans gatherings of more than 10 people. The police department had been monitoring the well-behaved demonstration all morning.

As the police left, the crowd cheered and yelled, “We won!” Trumbetti and Smith gave each other a high-five and pumped fists in the air.

It was around two hours later when the Bellmawr police officer came back to the gym and served the owners with the summons.

Trumbetti said he was not surprised by receiving the summons.

“I expected this. I actually expected more than this,” he said. “We firmly believe that everything we are doing is constitutional. It’s our right, and we have not broken any laws.”

“I didn’t open up today to close tomorrow,” he added.

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The owners of the gym have been making numerous media appearances to plead their case, including Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News. Smith has been wondering why big corporations have seemed to be prioritized over small businesses.

“Frank and I have been scared this entire time. I’m still scared. We don’t know if we’re out of the woods yet,” Smith said.

Shortly after the gym owners received the summons, the attorney for the gym sent a letter to Murphy, which said in part:

“My clients have a fundamental property interest in conducting business activities that are protected by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.” 

At his daily press briefing, Murphy was defiant.

“If you show up at that gym again tomorrow, there’s going to be a different reality than showing today,” he said.

“These aren’t just words. We’ve got to enforce this. But I also don’t want to start World War III.”

“As a result of the direct violation of the terms and conditions set forth [by the executive order], Mr. Trumbetti and Mr. Smith were both charged on a summons with a disorderly person’s offense by the Bellmawr Police Department who had a presence on scene in order to protect the public’s safety and welfare,” the Bellmawr Police Department said in a statement.

The Inquirer said they would not answer further questions.

The mayor of Bellmawr declined to comment on specifics, although he did acknowledge the protesters’ right to assemble.

“With respect to the opening of Atilis Gym, from the start, this matter has been handled exclusively and appropriately by law enforcement, including our local police department.

I am proud of the manner in which the Bellmawr Police Department conducted themselves this morning as well as the respect shown toward our Police Officers by the General Public,” said Mayor Chuck Saulter in an emailed statement.

State officials also weighed in on the controversy.

“New Jersey’s law enforcement officers are on the front lines of this pandemic—not just protecting and serving all residents, but also balancing public health and public safety as they enforce the Governor’s executive orders,” Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal said in an emailed statement.

“Those individuals who violate the Governor’s orders make it harder for our officers to do their jobs and they put our officers at risk. I commend law enforcement’s bravery and diligence today and every day,” he finished.

In trying to comply with much of Murphy’s orders, the gym operated at only 20% capacity, allowing only 44 members inside at a time.

Members were subject to temperature checks at the entrance and were asked to fill out a medical questionnaire and sign a waiver. The gym only allowed members in and put a hold on new sign-ups, the owners said.

Equipment inside was spread out to maintain social distancing, and members were required to wear masks except in the middle of sets. They also had to spray down equipment before and after use, after being issued their own individual spray bottle.

Michael Sulit is the owner of Fight Fit Fight Strong, which conducts kickboxing classes at the gym. He said that working out is a lifestyle issue.

“The best way to survive COVID-19 is to be stronger,” he said. “Why can Home Depot and liquor stores be open, but we can’t work out?

The Inquirer also noted that a gym in Pennsylvania had opened in defiance of that governor’s orders as well, although it didn’t receive the publicity that Atilis did.

As did governors in other states, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf threatened to unleash state agencies on businesses that opened prior to him blessing them to do so. Unlike other governors, Wolf did not address police enforcement.

Editor note: In 2020, we saw a nationwide push to “defund the police”.  While we all stood here shaking our heads wondering if these people were serious… they cut billions of dollars in funding for police officers.  And as a result, crime has skyrocketed – all while the same politicians who said “you don’t need guns, the government will protect you” continued their attacks on both our police officers and our Second Amendment rights.

And that’s exactly why we’re launching this national crowdfunding campaign as part of our efforts to help “re-fund the police”.

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