Exclusive—Jim Bognet: Matt Cartwright Is a 'Pelosi Lap Dog' Who Should be Voted Out

Exclusive—Jim Bognet: Matt Cartwright Is a 'Pelosi Lap Dog'
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Jim Bognet, a former candidate for Congress and President Donald Trump appointee, told SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday this weekend that Rep. Matthew Cartwright (D-PA) is a “Pelosi Lap Dog” who needs to be voted out of office in the midterms to ultimately retire House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Bognet recently announced he is running against Cartwright in Pennsylvania’s Eighth Congressional District for a second time after coming in close to winning the district last year in the 2020 election. Bognet called the incumbent a “lap dog” to Pelosi since he is in lockstep with her, as well as President Joe Biden, and he votes 100 percent of the time with them.

The Republican said he’ll continue to be a “lap dog” until he is voted out, which Bognet thinks he’ll be able to do. He mentioned Biden’s favorability in Pennsylvania’s Eighth Congressional District is only 40 percent, versus 57 percent unfavorable, and “that is not a margin that leads to a congressman of your same party being reelected. So we are going to send Matt Cartwright and Nancy Pelosi home for good.”

Bognet explained that the low favorability is “completely embarrassing, but it’s completely expected” since the district has “a lot of older folks here that are on Social Security, that are on a fixed income; home, heating, oil prices are through the roof.”

“There are senior citizens who will have a hard time putting food on the table because of inflation and runaway prices on meat in Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s America,” Bognet continued to explain. “Biden and Cartwright are very similar, you know, they claim to be ‘Scranton guys,’ but these are guys have made tens of millions of dollars while being in office. And that speaks to the corruption that’s at the heart of the Democratic Party.”

Biden and Cartwright “are now worth $20 [to] $30 million, and they’ve spent their adult lives in office, it’s shameful. We have to end it. The people of Northeast Pennsylvania are demanding change. They’re demanding a return to sanity, no more $450,000 payments to illegal immigrants. No more of this crazy, Critical Race Theory in our schools. No more of these mail-in-ballots that you don’t know where they came from. People want a return to sanity in Pennsylvania.”


The Pennsylvania Republican, while talking about the socialist reconciliation bill, said the Democrats are “totally out of touch.”

“They want to spend $5 trillion of new spending this year, while we’re in $30 trillion of debt,” noting that the money will have to be borrowed from China. Bognet called Cartwright the “invisible congressman” since he never speaks up against any of the crazy ideas his Democrat colleagues want to enact.

“It’s the Build Back Better BS. It’s not only BS as we know it. It’s also BS big socialism,” he said. “I can’t understand why these people think that socialism is going to make our country great again, you know, I’m running on an America First agenda. I want to get the economy moving… so we need to, we need to take back America.”

“We can take back the House next year. We can stop every single one of these crazy bills from ever becoming law if we can take back the House,” he explained. However, in the meantime, he said, “it’s fun watching the Democrats kill each other because they can’t decide if they want the Bernie Sanders socialist $6 trillion approach or the $5 trillion Cartwright-Pelosi near socialist approach.”

“I believe a Republican House will be able to stand up and stop the assault on our sovereignty and stop the assault on our border. And we have to do that to save America,” he declared. “If we get back the majority for Republicans, for conservatives, we will not vote to raise taxes. Joe Biden and Matt Cartwright right now are pushing for huge trillion-dollar tax increases. That’s off the table with Republicans in charge.”

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