Fulton County Hires CRIMINAL Attorneys to Stop Election Audit

Fulton County Hires CRIMINAL Attorneys to Stop Election
Audit 1

On Thursday, we received news that Fulton County officials have hired two new CRIMINAL attorneys to stop the court-ordered Georgia audit. 

This comes on the same day that Henry County Georgia Chief Judge Brian J. Amero ruled on the current Fulton County absentee ballot case.

UPDATE: More on the Suitcase Vote Scam, the Elections Supervisor and that Strange “Pass” Between Mother and Daughter That Was Also Caught on Video

The Audit War Room tweeted the following Georgia update:  “Georgia Audit Update: Fulton County hired two new CRIMINAL DEFENSE attorneys to stop the court ordered review of 150k ballots. What is Fulton County trying to hide?!”

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Fulton County is home to the infamous Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss who were caught pulling ballot boxes from under tables and scanning the same ballots multiple times after GOP elections observers were sent home on election night.

BREAKING GEORGIA UPDATE: Ruby Freeman who Jammed Suspect Ballots Into Voting Machines Multiple Times on Election Night Is Subpoenaed

This is the same county where lying Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s team reported serious red flags on election night. Afterward, in January Raffensperger told “60 Minutes” the state of Georgia, “Had safe, secure, and honest elections.”

OUTRAGEOUS: Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger Received Report Showing Egregious Election Issues Yet He Concealed Report and Claimed State Had “Safe, Secure, and Honest Elections”

If Fulton county officials are SO confident in the security of Georgia’s election, why are they hiring CRIMINAL DEFENSE attorneys?

This is not how innocent people act. They are hiding something in Fulton County, Georgia.

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