Voter Fraud: California Still Has Massive Irregularities on Its Voter Rolls

Voter Fraud: California Still Has Massive Irregularities on
Its Voter Rolls 1

It’s now more than seven months after the contentious November 2020 election and California still has massive and downright fraudulent-appearing irregularities on its official voter registration rolls.

Recently, the election watchdog Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa), analyzed all VoteCal voter registration and voting history files from February 9, 2021. According to its website, VoteCal is “California’s centralized voter registration database that provides benefits to voters and election officials.” What EIPCa’s voter registration analysis found in the database was truly disturbing:

  • 7,700+ registrants had two votes credited to their voter registration ID number for the November 2020 election
  • Nearly 124,000 more votes were counted than voters with histories for the November 2020 election
  • 1.8 million+ ineligible registrants are currently on the rolls statewide
  • 108,000+ registrants had their out-of-country or out-of-state birthplace changed to ‘California’ or ‘the United States’ through the online or DMV voter registration system

Last week, EIPCa reported its troubling findings in a letter to California Secretary of State Shirley Weber. The question is, will Democrat Weber actually do anything about these irregularities? If history is a teacher, the answer is it’s not very likely.

This latest letter is the third such report sent to the Secretary of State’s office. The first two reports were sent to Sam Burgess in VoteCal, you know, the very department that claims to provide benefits for voters:

These reports have been ignored. Further, Mr. Burgess has not responded to reminders that he needs to contact EIPCa to obtain the passwords for encrypted Excel files.

Ironically, EIPCa’s analysis was compiled during the failure of the Democrats’ “For The People Act” — a left-wing attempt to federalize voting irregularities like the very ones found in California’s voter rolls. Of course, Democrats disguised their act as a voting security measure.

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The analysis also comes at a time when several prominent Democrats are recognizing the political expediency of reversing their opposition to voter ID. You really have to ask yourself why and why now when true effective voter ID would stop most of these irregularities from happening.

On Secretary Weber’s own website, the California Voter Bill of Rights states that, among other rights, voters have:

The right to ask questions to elections officials about election procedures and watch the election process. If the person you ask cannot answer your questions, they must send you to the right person for an answer.

The right to report any illegal or fraudulent election activity to an elections official or the Secretary of State’s office.

Under the Voter Bill of Rights, and on behalf of all legal California voters, EIPCa asked Secretary Weber to answer several questions:

  1. Why are there almost 124,000 more votes counted in California’s November 3, 2020 election than voters recorded as voting in that election? And why is most of the discrepancy driven by 116,000 vote-by-mail ballots with no apparent voter identified in VoteCal’s voting histories? Click here for a list by county.
  2. Why do more than 7,700 voters have TWO November 3, 2020 votes credited to their voting histories? These are two votes credited to each of 7,700 unique (non-duplicated) registration ID numbers in the state database. This indicates mass double voting, a significant programming error in the state’s registration system, or both.
  3. Why does California have 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible citizens and why did this overage rise 72% in the 2020 election cycle? Click here for a list by county.
  4. Why did California’s on-line and DMV registration systems change 33,000 foreign-born voters’ birthplaces of record to “California” or “United States”, potentially masking non-citizens unlawfully registered to vote? Similarly, why were 76,000 birthplaces changed from another U.S. state to California? Click here for a chart of birthplace changes.

“Many in the nation are questioning the validity of the 2020 general election in their states,” said EIPCa President Linda Paine. “Mass irregularities in California’s registration and voting numbers continue to erode voter confidence here and we are hopeful Secretary Weber will immediately address our questions.”

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The voters of California can only wait and hope.

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