Georgia Senate candidate accused of keeping secrets about foreign income

Georgia Senate candidate accused of keeping secrets about
foreign income 1

Jon Ossoff (Video screenshot)

Democratic Georgia Senate candidate Jon Ossoff is keeping
secrets about his foreign income, including details of a payment he
got from a news agency tied to the Chinese Communist Party,

reports the Washington Free Beacon.

The Ossoff campaign declined a request to review documents about
the Chinese payment, telling the Washington Post “the particulars
of our annual finances are confidential.”

The report, however, said Ossoff “quietly disclosed” getting at
least $5,000 from PCCW, a media company in Hong Kong that is owned
in part by the Chinese Communist Party.

“Ossoff failed to include the PCCW payment in his May candidate
financial disclosure before revealing it nearly two months later in
an amended filing. While his campaign initially blamed the
discrepancy on a ‘paperwork oversight,’ spokeswoman Miryam Lipper
later told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the payment was
‘around $1,000.’ Senate ethics rules, however, only require
candidates to disclose payments exceeding $5,000. Lipper responded
by telling the Journal-Constitution that—despite falling below
the reporting threshold—the payment was disclosed ‘in the
interest of transparency,'” the report said.

Along with the PCCW payment, Ossoff also got at least $5,000
from the Qatar-based Al Jazeera network.

Al Jazeera is known for airing flattering footage of Osama bin
Laden in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

Ossoff insisted Al Jazeera English is a “completely respected
news organization.”

Some of Ossoff’s wealth came from a family inheritance, which he
used to take control of the film company Insight TWI.

Republican Sen. David Perdue, who is vying with Ossoff in the
Jan. 5 runoff election, has called the Democrat a “trust fund

The Daily Caller News Foundation previously reported
insisted that illegal aliens need to be paid at least minimum

“In Georgia’s agricultural sector, the campesinos (farm
workers) who work in the fields, enduring some of the most brutal
conditions of labor anywhere in this country to keep America fed,
paid less than the minimum wage, [are] often subject to abuse by
employers,” Ossoff told a group of supporters on a video

“When federal agents arrive at one of these farms it should be
to make sure people are being paid the minimum wage, working in
humane conditions,” he added.

Dreamers, DACA recipients, are
every bit as American as any of us.

I will have your back in the Senate.

— Jon Ossoff (@ossoff) December
14, 2020

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