Georgia Witness Testimony: Carolyn Garcia

Georgia Witness Testimony: Carolyn Garcia 1

Carolyn Garcia has been involved with politics and policy since 1972. She has been a poll watcher for more than 20 years in the state of Georgia. And in 2016 through the 2020 election, she was a poll worker, and this year she was listed as a backup poll manager. Garcia has said that she personally witnessed irregularities in the November election at the Jim Miller Park in Georgia.

She said in her testimony that she saw identical ballots, one after the other. “I brought it to the attention of the supervisor at the table. And I said, this is very strange. These all look the same.”

“The people were cordial when I arrived, but there were a lot of people milling around within the area, holding ballots in their hands talking to other people. In the back, there were a lot of people that I found that were just poll watchers that really could not see anything from the distance that they were placed behind the barrier.”

“And things went along fine, except I began to notice the pattern and about four to six ballots in a row. And I’ll stop here and say that I could not take notes because I had my purse out of the way, I could not use my phone because they didn’t want me using my phone to take a picture. So begin to notice on these duplicate, these defective ballots that there was a pattern.”

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