Georgia Witness Testimony: Marci McCarthy

Georgia Witness Testimony: Marci McCarthy 1

Marci McCarthy, a successful businesswoman in the cybersecurity industry, was elected as a 2020 national delegate for the Republican National Convention. McCarthy has said that she personally witnessed irregularities in the November election.

“There was no system or physical controls in place how the duplication of the absentee and military ballots did not have witnesses.”

“The outer and inner envelopes had been separated by the time the VRP received their ballots. There was an inherent bias in the VRP, once working as a single body.”

“During the combined presidential primary and runoff elections, the VRP was comprised of a Republican and a Democrat, and it was truly bipartisan.”

“However, during the general special election, the VRP in DeKalb County was comprised of four people, one Republican, one Democrat, and two non-partisans. The non-partisans were represented by the League of Women Voters, which officially claims to be non-partisan in that they don’t support a candidate or the party itself. However, it does support a variety of progressive public policy positions that are in direct alignment with the Democrat’s party political platform to include universal health care, abortion rights, climate change, action, and gun control.”

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