Georgia Witness Testimony: Jamie J. Parrish

Georgia Witness Testimony: Jamie J. Parrish 1

“My name is Jamie Parrish. I live here in Sandy Springs in Atlanta, Georgia. And I am a die-hard Republican Trump fan, former vice-chair of the Fulton County GOP, and I’ve worked on lots of campaigns and whatnot throughout this last campaign’s cycle.”

“I just wanted to tell you guys and share my story about election fraud in my state in the state of Georgia here.”

“We all knew that some of the results were coming in. I mean, I have been to the rallies, I’ve been to all the things, you know, the Macon rally the Rome rally, and we knew that the results coming in were not really parallel to the excitement that we had in this state for President Trump and at the rallies, the yard signs, and just the overall enthusiasm for our state.”

“And so after election night, as you can imagine, a lot of people were just absolutely dumbfounded and wondering, how could this happen. And then the story started breaking of things that were just irregularities in our election, water pipes breaking, count watchers being sent home at night, and things like that, and I wanted to do my part. And I wanted to be involved in helping prove that this was truly an irregular thing, that this was not just a naturally occurring event, that this was being planned, this was being executed.”

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