Georgia Witness Testimony: Lonny Vo

Georgia Witness Testimony: Lonny Vo 1

Over 40 witnesses spoke to the media at Cobb Country Republican Party Headquarters in Georgia on Dec. 9, 10, 13, and 14. They presented evidence of election irregularities and fraud they had collected during the 2020 election ballot counts and recount. Some of them did not get the chance to give their testimonies in person, but sent their video testimonies or did a video interview online.

Lonny Vo said on Dec. 9 that she personally witnessed irregularities in the November election.

“I needed to stay six feet away, can’t see anything to continue my work monitoring.”

“I witnessed firsthand a 1,000 vote ballot that went into the system as a 10,000 data entry vote for Biden. Another gentleman that was there with me, I witnessed this and I believe he has reported it. He followed the manager to go get this corrected. The manager [kept] telling him to stay away and to stop following him.”

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