Georgia Witness Testimony: Vicky Sutton

Georgia Witness Testimony: Vicky Sutton 1

Over 40 witnesses spoke to the media at Cobb Country Republican Party Headquarters in Georgia on Dec. 9, 10, 13, and 14. They presented evidence of election irregularities and fraud they had collected during the 2020 election ballot counts and recount. Some of them did not get the chance to give their testimonies in person, but sent their video testimonies or did a video interview online.

Vicki Sutton voted on Oct. 13. She voted in person at Garden Lakes Baptist Church in Rome, Georgia. Sutton said on Dec. 14 that she personally witnessed irregularities in the November election.

She said in her testimony: “On November the sixth, I checked my voter account and the rest of my family’s, everybody’s vote was there except for mine. And so I immediately called the Secretary of State’s office. They looked me up and told me that they did not show that I had voted in the general election.”

“I voted October the 13th and my vote is not going to show up until after the state’s been certified. As far as I know, it’s been certified twice and my vote is still missing. I’ve contacted and filed reports after reports after reports at the secretary of state’s office. No one has called me back, no one at my local elections office can find my ballot. No one can tell me anything.”

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