Georgia Witness Testimony: Susan Knox (Part 1)

Georgia Witness Testimony: Susan Knox (Part 1) 1

Georgia resident and observer Susan Knox witnessed, with video evidence, several accounts of election fraud at the Cobb County ballot recount.

“Here I am at Cobb County, Jim Miller Park, Saturday, November the 14th. I’m looking at all of these boxes around me. And people that are taping them up and taking out all of the pieces of paper and putting them on stacks and people are counting. And I just have to question, you know, who’s in charge of this? And how is it all being validated? You need to ask yourself that. ”

“And now that I have been documenting in my black notebook, every final white piece of paper count with how many Trump’s hand-counted, how many Biden was hand-counted, they’re putting the final tally on this white sheet. That’s what’s being turned in. And now that I’m documenting every single white sheet, now they’re turning them over as I come with my notebook. So every time I start to write the final tallies, that they’re now telling the people counting ‘flip that over now.’ So this is a fraud, and ridiculous, and we’re just going through the motions. ”

“We’re Saturday, November the 14th, at Jim Miller Park, here is another letter that went out this morning 11/14 at 7:02 a.m., to a woman who was an attorney, and she had signed up to be a monitor, she gets this this morning. And then here is a manual that they sent her. And she said she does not know who to sign in with or anything that’s going on. And she walked up to me and I said I would like to get those in video, to show that obviously, David Schaefer and our GOP did not want anyone showing up. ”

“I am just going back over a video I did to make sure that you all see the amount of names. And I am not sure who told people where to go or where not to go. I’m not accusing anybody of doing anything. But I do find it very interesting and odd that as of yesterday morning, there were three people from the Republican party here. When the woman who is head of elections, she said, we have the Democrat monitors and they’re already in the bullpen, but we don’t have any Republican. So I’m not sure where your group is. And with this amount of names, I can’t imagine that there weren’t a group of people here, ready to go at 8 a.m. on Friday, November the 13th.”

“I can tell you that watching the head election officials in front of me there and watching this gentleman watch the gray-headed fellow, watch the two gentlemen. This is an interesting situation here, because he’s scrutinizing them. And these people over here are watching very closely.”

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