Georgia Witness Testimony: Susan Knox (Part 2)

Georgia Witness Testimony: Susan Knox (Part 2) 1

Georgia resident and observer Susan Knox witnessed, with video evidence, several accounts of election fraud at the Cobb County ballot recount.

Susan: “This is Susan Knox. It’s Monday, November the 16th. At Jim Miller Park. It’s about 4:30 in the afternoon, they’ve just announced that all ballot counting has been complete. And I just saw three boxes go around the corner and I heard the girl with the long eyelashes say we’re missing four boxes. So all I’m doing is reporting what I’m seeing, very disturbing.”

Susan: “This is Susan Knox. It is Monday, November the 16th at Jim Miller Park. Why don’t you just tell us what you saw, Ellis?”

Ellis: “Hi, Susan, thank you for your time today. Yes, I was asked to come up here and observe the vote counting in Cobb County. I enjoyed walking around doing that, saw that there were four RNC members walking around, one member per 10 tables. It was very difficult to actually see what was going on. And when you actually got close enough to look at the name that was on the ballot, one of the workers would walk up to you and tell you that you had to back away. Of course, the paper that they want you to sign says that you can actually view the ballot, enough to see the names, but then the actual county workers will not allow you to do that. ”

Ellis: “After that process was completed, I asked the director of Cobb County voting system about the tabulation of the votes themselves. She directed me to an adjacent room and said that they were being monitored by the DNC and the RNC members. And I asked if I could go over there and look and she said, yes, you could. I did. And when I looked over there, there was not a single monitor anywhere near any of the tables with the people that were doing the tabulation. So there were two people that I saw per table, adding the votes on the computer system, but there were no observers, whether it be Republican or Democrat, actually verifying the addition of those numbers. To me, that’s not transparency.”

Susan: “And are you saying that that is the final count that they’re going to give for the state of Georgia?

Ellis: “That appears to be the final count that they are going to turn over to the Secretary of State and say that Cobb County has verified the vote.”

Susan: “Supposedly, where they rolled the boxes in with the blue sheets, and I was just told that there is no monitoring going on whatsoever. For people entering in the numbers into the computer system here. There’s no monitors allowed. This is ridiculous. There is no oversight whatsoever of the numbers that are being tallied.”

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