Gingrich: Dems Will Get “Wiped Out” In 2022 Election If Pelosi & Biden Prove Overly-Radical

Gingrich: Dems Will Get "Wiped Out" In 2022 Election If
Pelosi & Biden Prove Overly-Radical 1

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As speculation gyrates over whether or not Nancy Pelosi will be able to maintain her position as House speaker because of seats gained by Republicans during the 2020 election, former Speaker of the House and Fox News Contributor Newt Gingrich says that if Pelosi and a Biden administration prove to be so radical to be out of touch with the average American, they will be “wiped out” during the 2022 mid-terms.

Appearing on Fox Business Wednesday morning, Gingrich explained that Pelosi is currently trying to manage both a left wing and moderate faction of the Democratic party that is at risk of losing connection with voters.

“I think Nancy Pelosi is trying to ride two different tigers – a left tiger that wants to do a whole series of things the average American think are crazy and a small but very frightened moderate tiger that knows if it goes into 2022 and the Biden administration is radical and Pelosi is radical, they’re probably all going to get wiped out,” Gingrich said.

“We have a history here,” the former Republican House Speaker added.

“Bill Clinton gets elected two years later we took the House for the first time in forty years. Obama gets elected and John Boehner leads a 63 vote pick up the two years later. So any Democrat who is smart is going to look at this.”

Gingrich points to the selection of oncologist Ezekiel Emanuel to Biden’s pandemic advisory team as one reason that the Democrats risk losing touch with average America. He specifically takes issue with Emanuels calls to prioritize the distribution of a U.S. produced vaccine international, rather than domestically, and his arguments made in a 2014 article for the Atlantic that life should end at 75.

“You have Ezekiel Emanuel who is a senior advisor to Biden who says we ought to give away our vaccine to the rest of the world before we give it to Americans … He also says that people over 75 shouldn’t get unusual medical care because they’ve already lived a full life.”

“Now how can you have that guy on the COVID task force when the primary people dying are over 75?” Gingrich asks.

“This stuff is all going to add up very quickly. They’re out of the basement is how I put it.”

The former House Speaker’s take was a follow up to an assessment made by House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif) earlier in the week in which he explained that Speaker Pelosi is at risk of losing her position considering the House seats picked up by Republicans during this election cycle.

“To become speaker, you have to have 218 votes on the floor,” said McCarthy. “When she went up for that vote two years ago, there were 15 Democrats who voted against her. Ten of those Democrats will be coming back to Congress. If those 10 vote against her again, she will not be speaker of the House … because of the gains of the Republicans.”

Last week Pelosi announced her intent to run for another two years as House speaker.

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