Rumored 3pm Shutdown of Michigan TODAY by Whitmer

Rumored 3pm Shutdown of Michigan TODAY by Whitmer 1

In news that will conveniently frustrate any effort to recount
the votes in Michigan by making it harder to congregate, organize,
and meet as a group, rumors exist that the State of Michigan will
be shut-down again at 3:00PM today by Democrat Governor Gretchen

One legislator said that the rumor was active that it would
either be today at a planned 3pm Whitmer press conference, or on
Friday, adding that in the past, “she usually shut the state down
on Fridays, but maybe she’s learned from that and will do it
differently this time.”

The legislator added that this is no doubt directed at shutting
down the recount and to prevent protests to #StoptheSteal to show
public anger at the voter fraud alleged to have taken place to give
the state’s electoral votes to Joe Biden in the election last
Michigan elected Democrats have been busy working to suppress the
reporting of voter fraud in Michigan as the Gateway Pundit reported
earlier this week

Senator Mike Shirkey’s (R) office was contacted for comment
and did not respond. Governor Whitmer’s office was contacted and
did not respond for request for comment. The Michigan Department of
Health and Human Services, MDHHS, refused to comment but asked
repeatedly where the rumor started and then hung up.

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Rumored 3pm Shutdown of Michigan TODAY by Whitmer
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