GOP Responds After Nevada Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit: ‘We Were Not Afforded an Opportunity’

GOP Responds After Nevada Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit: ‘We
Were Not Afforded an Opportunity’ 1

The Nevada Supreme Court rejected President Donald Trump’s appeal on Tuesday to overturn the results of the Nov. 3 election.

It comes a week after a district court in Nevada ruled that the Trump campaign has not proven allegations there were errors in voting machines or that the contest between Trump and Democrat Joe Biden was manipulated.

“We also are not convinced that the district court erred in applying a burden of proof by clear and convincing evidence, as supported by the cases cited in the district court’s order,” Nevada’s Supreme Court said in its judgment (pdf) late on Tuesday.

The ruling added: “And, in any event, the district court further determined that appellants had not met their burden even if it applied a lesser standard. Finally, the district court’s order thoroughly addressed the grounds asserted in the statement of contest filed by appellants and considered the evidence offered by appellants even when that evidence did not meet the requirements under Nevada law for expert testimony.”

Following the ruling, Nevada’s GOP said it was disappointed by the decision.

“We were not afforded an opportunity to write our brief or argue the case in front of the court,” Nevada’s GOP wrote in a statement. “Full denial of legitimate due process and appellate rights is truly unprecedented, shocking, and extraordinary.”

The GOP further said that the state Supreme Court “rushed to judgment” in rendering its decision, saying that the team also “presented compelling evidence in court last week” that the district court last week “quickly shrugged” off “and rubber-stamped the fraudulent result without due consideration or even hearing directly from witnesses.”

The Trump lawsuit originally said that more than 60,000 people voted twice or were not Nevada residents.

Last week, Jesse Binnall, who presented the evidence on behalf of the Trump campaign, included a witness who alleged that the memory disks used to store vote totals from election machines during the early vote period had the vote tallies inexplicably changed overnight.

“What they would do is they would log these disks in and out. Good practice. And the disks had a serial number on them. And numerous times that disk would be logged out with one vote total on it and logged back in the next morning during the early vote period with a different number on it. Sometimes more, sometimes less,” Binnall said.

It’s not clear if the Trump team will appeal the Nevada Supreme Court’s ruling. The Epoch Times has reached out to the team for comment.

The move to dismiss came on the same day that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a sweeping complaint to the U.S. Supreme Court court asking it to overturn the results in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Ivan Pentchoukov contributed to this report.

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