Gov. Newsom warns that Republican Larry Elder is only 2 points away from winning California recall election

Gov. Newsom warns that Republican Larry Elder is only 2
points away from winning California recall election 1

Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom took aim at the Republican front-runner, talk show host Larry Elder, in California’s recall election as polls show Newsom’s support weakening.

Newsom attacked Elder by aligning him with Trumpism during a campaign event at a Mexican restaurant Saturday.

“Though we defeated Trump, we didn’t defeat Trumpism. Trumpism is still alive and well, even here in the state of California,” Newsom told volunteers.

“If you don’t believe me, just consider,” he added, “the likely person to enter an oath of office, to enter in the governor’s office in just a matter of weeks if we don’t reject this recall.”

Newsom was referring to Elder, a popular conservative talk show host from Los Angeles. In a recent fundraising email, the liberal governor warned that Elder was just 2 percentage points way from being California’s next governor.

“Now hear this: Larry Elder is just 2 points from being our next governor. Sorry to scare you, but it’s true,” read the email, according to Politico.

Newsom only needs to garner 50% of the votes against the recall to stay in office, but because of the way the election is run, Elder does not need to gain 50% of votes to win. He only needs to obtain a plurality among Newsom challengers if Newsom loses.

An Inside California Politics/Emerson poll found that only 48% of registered voters in California would vote to keep Newsom in office, just 2 percentage points more than the 46% who said they would vote him out.

A CBS YouGov poll also found that Newsom faces an enthusiasm gap. Republican voters are not as numerous as Democratic voters in California, but more of them say they are excited to vote in the recall election.

Elder has said that he will oppose mask and vaccine mandates if he is elected governor.

“When I get elected, assuming there are still facemask mandates and vaccine mandates, they will be repealed right away and then I’ll break for breakfast,” he told his supporters.

California will hold the recall election against Newsom on September 14.

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