Homeless people are looting grounded shipping containers in California?

Homeless people are looting grounded shipping containers in
California? 1

In this episode of The Chad Prather Show, Chad offered his view of the current shipping crisis unfolding in California, where homeless people have reportedly robbed grounded shipping containers.

Here is an excerpt from the podcast:

“You see, the current shipping crisis that’s affecting the entire nation is hitting California in a fun and exciting way. Homeless people are looting the grounded shipping containers! I can only imagine the narrative that the mainstream media is apt to spin out of this. Picture the headline, appropriately couched in the modern woke vernacular: Unhoused Heroes Use Undocumented Shopping Carts to Aid in Shipping Crisis by Delivering Goods Themselves. The truth, of course, is that homeless people in Coastal California have just hit the mother lode, and are – in new and unusual ways – obtaining goods that belong to someone else. Why tax the workers of the United States to death and then turn around and give that money to them through social programs when you can just cut the middleman out entirely? Of course … we’re still going to tax you to death – that part doesn’t change.”

Watch the clip to hear more from Chad. Can’t watch?, Download the podcast here.

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