HOW CONVENIENT: California’s Newsom Lifts Stay-at-Home Order Days after Biden’s Inauguration

HOW CONVENIENT: California’s Newsom Lifts Stay-at-Home Order
Days after Biden’s Inauguration 1

California Governor Gavin Newsom lifted a statewide stay-at-home order throughout the state on Monday, days after President Joe Biden’s Inauguration.

The timing of the policy change is suspicious. The Biden administration has urged all Americans to strictly follow coronavirus guidelines for one hundred days following the inauguration, although the new President admitted there was “nothing we can do” to alter the trajectory of the virus, starkly contrasting with his language regarding coronavirus during the campaign.

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While daily new cases of coronavirus in California have declined during January, state health officials are still reporting more than 20,000 new cases a day, which is easily the most in the country on a per-capita basis.

Everything that should be up is up, everything that should be down is down,” said Newsom of his decision to revoke the stay-at-home order. The unpopular Democratic governor is currently facing down an energetic recall campaign, and he denied that the revocation of the stay-at-home orders had anything to do with it.

California’s administration of the vaccine also ranks among the most lackluster in the country, with only a few states vaccinating less of their populations than the far-left state. The vaccine failure raises even more potent questions as to the timing of the stay-at-home repeal.

With Democrats now facing the prospect of actually being held responsible for the ramifications of their governance, many coronavirus lockdown restrictions are being quietly swept under the rug.

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