Larry Elder hauled in more than $4 million last month after jumping into the California recall contest

Larry Elder hauled in more than $4 million last month after
jumping into the California recall contest 1

Conservative talk radio host-turned California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder has been raking in campaign cash since throwing his hat into the ring to replace Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

According to a news release, the Elder for Governor 2021 campaign hauled in nearly $4.5 million last month after Elder announced his election bid.

“The fundraising numbers are tallied from July 12, 2021, the day Elder announced his candidacy, to July 31, 2021, the end of the latest reporting period,” according to the release.

The Associated Press said that the candidate concluded July with around $2.3 million in the bank after expenses.

But despite Elder’s impressive fundraising in such a brief time, Newsom and his backers enjoy a significant cash advantage over the governor’s competitors, according to the AP, which noted that the main committee against the recall had banked $46 million through the end of July and had around $26 million on hand at the conclusion of that month after expenses.

Caitlyn Jenner reported receiving almost $750,000 through the end of last month, with around $22,000 remaining after expenses, according to the AP, though the outlet noted that the campaign had more than $150,000 of debt. Jenner is a biological male who won a gold-medal at the 1976 Olympics but then decades later came out as transgender.

The recall election is scheduled for Sept. 14. On the ballot, voters will indicate whether or not they want Newsom to be removed and they will select from a list of potential replacement candidates. If a majority of voters indicate that they want to eject Newsom from office, the candidate with the most votes will become the Golden State’s new governor.

The AP reported that there will be a whopping 46 replacement candidates included on the ballot, including two dozen Republicans.

Newsom has served at the state’s helm since 2019. If voters remove him during the recall election, he will be ousted from office more than a year prior to when his term is slated to end.

In 2003 California voters successfully recalled Democratic Gov. Gray Davis and replaced him with Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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