Live Mic Catches California School Board President Saying 'F*ck You' After Hearing from Concerned Parent

Live Mic Catches California School Board President Saying
'F*ck You' After Hearing from Concerned Parent 1

A president of a California school board was recorded on a live microphone uttering “fuck you” after a parent raised concerns over mask mandates in classrooms and vaccines for children.

Parent Lauren Roupoli spoke during a school board meeting and raised concerns regarding mask mandates and vaccines for children at an October 26 Los Alamitos Unified School District Board of Education meeting. As Roupoli’s time came to a close, she attempted to finish her thought, while the school board President Marlys Davidson said, “Thank you, thank you. Margaret’s next, thank you. Your times up.” In a moment of quiet, she uttered “fuck you” which was picked up by her microphone.  

KTLA reported that Davidson apologized for her remarks after there were calls for her to resign as the school board’s president. In her apology, she noted, “When members of the public address the Board of Education, they must be heard with respect.”

“I reaffirm my commitment to serve our community with dignity and integrity, and I hope they will accept my sincere apology,” Davidson said, according to KTLA. 

Roupoli says that Davidson “needs to step down,” according to KTLA. 

“After her true colors showed last night, there’s no taking that back,” the concerned parent said, according to the outlet. 

Fox News reports roughly 6.7 million students are affected by California’s mask requirements. The mandate is reportedly endorsed by the California Association of School Boards and California’s biggest teacher’s unions. 

According to the Los Alamitos Unified School District website, Davidson has served as the school board’s president since 2018. She taught in Los Alamitos elementary schools and secondary for 25 years and was selected as the district’s “Teacher of the Year” in 2010. 

“Collaborating over the years with educators, parents, community members, and students in our district has taught her that we are all better when we value and share what each one of us can bring to the table,” Los Alamitos Unified School District’s website says of Davidson. “She encourages and values all communication from parents, students, community members and educators.”

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