Maricopa County & Dominion DEFY Subpoenas AGAIN – Subpoenas Need To Be ENFORCED

Maricopa County & Dominion DEFY Subpoenas AGAIN –
Subpoenas Need To Be ENFORCED 1

Reporters Await County and Dominion in Senate Lobby

The Arizona Senate subpoenas ordering Dominion and the County to deliver election materials and data needed for the full forensic audit expired today.

The Gateway Pundit reported yesterday that both entities would likely not comply given their responses.

Maricopa County Subpoena Deadline Expires Tomorrow – Officials Continue To Tweet Jabs At Audit – Questions Left UNANSWERED – HEARING ON MONDAY

The Senate subpoenas ordered Maricopa County Supervisors and Dominion representatives to appear before the Senate for a hearing if the requested materials were not turned over.

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There was no need to even schedule a hearing because the County and Dominion are noncompliant.

We reported earlier that Christina Bobb did not expect the defendants to appear but she is expecting a big week for Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

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This week, we can expect to see action to push forward with enforcement of the subpoenas.

What are they hiding?

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