Mark Levin: Here's why the Virginia race was a TRUMP WIN

Mark Levin: Here's why the Virginia race was a TRUMP

Throughout his campaign, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe made the governor’s race in Virginia all about former President Donald Trump. And guess what? He lost — and so Trump won, argued BlazeTV host Mark Levin.

On the latest episode of “LevinTV,” Mark discussed November’s “red wave beatdown” of McAuliffe, which has the Marxist left and liberal media in a tizzy.

Mark shared a clip of CNN’s Van Jones calling Glenn Youngkin “the delta variant of Trumpism” to paint the Republican as the equivalent of a dangerous contagion.

“My point is that playing on racial fears by demagoguing CRT furthers dangerous aspects of Trumpism,” Jones later added on Twitter.

“The delta variant of Trumpism? He thinks he’s so clever,” Mark said of Jones’ statement. “In other words, from his perspective, [Youngkin is] a racist, a bigot, a divider, you know, a loathsome human being because he ran on this issue of Critical Race Theory. Ladies and gentlemen, we didn’t start this fight. The American Marxists started it.”

“You see, the left — whether they’re in the media, politics, academia — they’re very confused about how to deal with this. On the one hand, they say [CRT] doesn’t exist. On the other hand, they defend it, and if you don’t embrace it you must be a racist. So, they’re making two opposite arguments, but we know exactly what they are. In the first case, they’re lying. And in the second case, they’re reprobates,” Mark continued.

Mark went on to continue playing the Van Jones video clip.

“[Youngkin] is playing footsie with the worst of Trumpism,” Jones claimed in the clip. “He’s putting himself forward as a champion of parents, that this is a referendum on parents’ rights. But he’s not talking about, but he’s using all the Critical Race Theory head-fakes and head-nods, which is a softer version of a very virulent kind of anti-black posture.”

“That is unbelievable,” Mark responded. “Critical Race Theory is a racist ideology that was developed by a Marxist law professor, among others, and has been pushed by them to take down this country. That’s why Black Lives Matter, the founders, they don’t make any bones about it, that they are doctrinaire Marxists. … I don’t know why it’s so complicated. The people who developed [CRT] said they were Marxists. The people who developed it in the 1970s, that’s who they were. That’s exactly who they were. But now, if you oppose Critical Race Theory, you’re part of this Trump, white supremacy, racism, and so forth.”

He later added, “The fact of the matter is that because McAuliffe tried to make this a campaign against Trump and he lost — Trump won.”

Watch the video clip below or find the full episode of “LevinTV” here:

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