McAuliffe's Gargantuan Gaffe May Help Tip Virginia Red

McAuliffe's Gargantuan Gaffe May Help Tip Virginia
Red 1

Topical comedian and HBO Real Time host Bill Maher delivers fodder for conservative commentary when he pillories “woke” culture. An otherwise staunch liberal—he was and remains a notorious Trump-basher and buys into unsettled anthropogenic climate change theory—Maher portentously warns about the damage that woke “progressivism” is doing to the Democratic Party and the left generally.

He makes no bones about his opinion that woke culture run amuck may cost the Democrats dearly in terms of electoral viability. Republicans and conservatives can only pray that the woke idiocy Maher warns about will cost Terry McAuliffe, one of the most pernicious and unsavory personalities in the Democrat pantheon, Tuesday’s election for the Virginia governorship.

McAuliffe stepped in it irredeemably when he inferred during a gubernatorial debate that parents should just lay down and let a public school system irretrievably lost to Democrat socialism and psychiatrically unbalanced wokeism raise their kids. Since then, his opponent, Glenn Youngkin, has taken a significant lead in some polls. If the election process is on the up-and-up—never a given anymore–Youngkin, a successful businessman with no political experience (sound familiar?), may defeat the Democrat nominee.

What makes McAuliffe so bad? If you have to ask, you haven’t been following politics. For starters is his close association with the Clintons, especially Hillary Clinton, among the worst, money-grubbing, corrupt, mendacious figures in American political history. If you don’t think McAuliffe was deep in the loop when the dastardly anti-President Trump Russia hoax was cooked up, you might also think that Anthony Fauci is the patron saint of humanitarian immunological research.

McAuliffe has always been a target for the right. But when he castigated parents who have concerns about the education their children are getting courtesy of directives from subversive teachers’ unions and the majority of teachers who march in lockstep with them, he managed in one fell swoop to adversely trigger anyone of any party who is not a socialist tool. Get between Republican or conservative parents and their children and you’ve got a nasty showdown on your hands. But freedom-minded independents similarly loathe the idea of social justice jackboots targeting the innocence, perception of self-worth, and ingrained patriotism of their children.

You might even find a few establishment Democrats who still believe that parents know best when it comes to guidance with regard to education, and should have the final say when it comes to instilling values and faith-based belief systems in their own kids.

The funny thing about McAuliffe’s gargantuan gaffe, if there’s anything funny at all about the Democrat s%&storm the nation is suffering under, is that he is part of the Democrat establishment. That he was ensnared rhetorically while riffing on a dim-bulb talking point that threatens the rights of parents will only serve to make his hoped-for ignominious defeat sweeter.  The land mine, or fecal deposit, McAuliffe stepped in had to do with parents having the right to be informed about the kind of sex education their children are receiving. If you look in a dictionary of political pitfalls, you’ll not find one deeper to fall into than suggesting that unelected officials and Marxist social designers erase parental input with regard to matters of sexuality. Especially considering the no-boundaries perversions that have been unearthed in the curricula of some school systems.

Another steaming pile waiting for the likes of McAuliffe to step in is the horrible institution of critical race theory. In the world of the CRT totalitarians, parents should get out of the way so the Soros brigades can implement racist, anti-white, guilt-tripping rubbish in classrooms across the nation, and assault with trash ideology the developing minds of children.

The woke list goes on, as does the opportunistic march of free-speech squelching, aspiring tyrants now populating the left in all of its insidious institutions. They won’t be happy until disgusting ideologues like George Soros and Noam Chomsky are metamorphosed into the new Founders of a transformed America, and everybody lives in fear of an Orwellian fait accompli.

Pundits and other experts from all points on the political spectrum believe that an electoral thumbs-down to McAuliffe and his quest to forestall a Republican tide rising in Virginia would be a leading indicator that the citizenry has had quite enough of “social justice” and all the oppressive civil rights injustices that come with it.

It could happen. In his bonehead aside about how parents “shouldn’t tell the schools what to teach,” Terry McAuliffe has poked the enraged mama or papa grizzly that resides in every good parental heart. Just in time for Halloween, he has invoked a demon that scares the bejesus out of God-fearing, fair-minded, loving mothers, fathers, grandparents, and families.

It’s hard to see much of a future for Terry McAuliffe if he goes down to defeat, and that would be splendid.

Bill Maher’s influence? His warnings to his fellow Democrats?

No worries. Too few Democrats have the sense to listen when he gets it right.

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