Media outlet censors hero Marine’s final interview comments – and they are absolutely hysterical (and accurate?)

Media outlet censors hero Marine’s final interview comments
– and they are absolutely hysterical (and accurate?) 1

YUMA, AZ – Censorship by the media was highlighted this past week when comments by a hero U.S. Marine veteran who disarmed armed robbers in an Arizona convenience store were intentionally cut short.

A video of U.S. Marine veteran James Kelcer disarming the three would-be robbers in Yuma, Arizona, went viral this week, prompting an interview with Fox News host Dana Perino.

During the interview, Kelcer told the heroic story of how he thwarted the robbery:

“I turn around to go and leave, kind of walk out and as I’m turning around, I hear the door kind of open real aggressively. At that point, the ‘spidey senses’ tingled a little bit.”


Three robbers entered the store, one armed with a handgun. Perino allowed the hero to continue his tale of bravery:

“I saw two other guys with no other weapons and decided that’s the guy that I’m going to hit.”

In a move destined to become a thing of action movies, Kelcer grabbed for the gun while using his shopping bag full of Gatorade to strike the other two invaders:

“I was actually going to take control of his head and the gun at the same time, and the bag just happened to be heavy and attached to me and it smashed him right in the face.”

Fox News reported that the armed juvenile suspect was apprehended and taken to Yuma County Juvenile Justice Center on charges of armed robbery and assault. The other two suspects are still being sought.

The Marine saving the day should have been a glorious end to the tale, but Fox News became part of the story by censoring the Marine’s final words. As the interview concluded, Kelcer said, “Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

When Fox News re-broadcast the interview, the comment was cut from the interview. Fortunately, people like Kassy Dillion, founder of Lone Conservative, the largest conservative student commentary publication, had the original interview to share on social media.

Financier Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in July 2019 on charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking. He was denied bail ahead of his trial. Epstein died while in jail, and his death was officially ruled a suicide by the New York City medical examiner.

The convicted sex offender had high profile friends and acquaintances, including Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Queen Elizabeth’s son Prince Andrew.

But numerous questions remain about Epstein’s life, crimes, and fortune, some of which could be revealed in the new case against his longtime associate Ghislaine Maxwell, who was arrested in July 2020.

On July 24, 2019, Epstein was reportedly found injured in his cell. Several weeks later, on August 10, he was found dead by apparent suicide and his death was being investigated by the FBI.

On Wednesday, October 30, a forensic pathologist working for Jeffrey Epstein’s brother, Mark, announced he believed that Epstein did not die by suicide. Dr. Michael Baden said Epstein, 66, experienced a number of injuries that “are extremely unusual in suicidal hangings and could occur much more commonly in homicidal strangulation.”

The death of the well-connected sex offender still invokes claims that he was killed to stop him from providing information on celebrities and other prominent people that he had dealings with prior to his arrest and subsequent death.

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Ghislane Maxwell, former lover of Jeffrey Epstein, denied bail. Believes he was killed and thinks she will be, too.

July 20, 2021

Ghislane Maxwell, the British Socialite, believes that Jeffrey Epstein, her former lover and the convicted sex offender was murdered in jail. She was denied bail on sex trafficking charges and faces a year-long wait inside Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center before her trial.

According to the U.S. Sun, a family friend of Maxwell, 58, said that she fears she will be bumped off inside the brutal New York jail, which she describes as a “hellhole.” Another source said:

“It’s the same as Guantanamo Bay, lights on, noise, and constant interruption of sleep.”

Maxwell’s friend said:

“Everyone’s view, including Ghislaine’s is Epstein was murdered and she received death threats before she was arrested.”

According to Breitbart, the report comes after a judge denied bail for Maxwell last Tuesday. The judge ruled that she is a flight risk and may try to flee the country instead of facing charges for allegedly recruiting young girls for Epstein to engage in sexual acts with.

U.S. District Judge Alison J. Nathan said that even the most restrictive form of release would be insufficient to ensure Maxwell would not flee, particularly now that she knows a conviction for what she has done could result in up tp 35 years in prison.

According to Fox News, Judge Nathan said that the British socialite, accused of sexually abusing and exploiting girls as young as 14 alongside Epstein, posed too great a flight risk to be allowed to leave. Maxwell be stay behind bars in a Brooklyn detention center until her trial, which is tentatively scheduled for July 2021. 

Maxwell’s friend, who was in regular contact with her while at her secret New Hampshire hideaway claims that death threats ahead of her arrest forced Maxwell to hire security guards and led her to believe she, like Epstein would not live to see her day in court.

Maxwell’s arrest that took place on July 2nd in New Hampshire and the details surrounding her case have given the world a glimpse into her life as well as Epstein’s. Her proximity to Epstein and those he socialized with has made her the target of powerful people who prefer not to have their name associated with Epstein or Maxwell.

Maxwell was arrested by a team of federal agents at a $1 million estate she had purchased in New Hampshire. The investigators had been keeping an eye on Maxwell and knew she had been hiding out in various locations throughout New England.

According to CNBC, prior to her arrest, Maxwell had switched her email address, ordered packages under someone else’s name and registered a least one new cell phone number under an alias, “G Max.”

After her arrest, Maxwell was put into custody of the U.S. Marshals Service, which utilized a series of suicide prevention protocols, including taking away her sheets as well as other safety measures. There is a fear that there will be a repeat of what happened with Epstein.

The steps to ensure Maxwell’s safety while incarcerated extend far beyond the measures federal officials took when they first arrested her. The Justice Department has implemented additional safety protocols and federal officials, outside of the Bureau of Prisons, have been specifically tasked with ensuring there’s adequate protection and the prisons protocols are being followed. 

The protections are in case she harms herself or of other inmates wish to harm her. According to the indictment against her, Maxwell is accused of facilitating Epstein’s crimes and on some occasions joined him in sexually abusing the girls. In fact, several of Epstein’s victims have described Maxwell as his chief enabler, recruiting and grooming young girls for abuse. 

Maxwell has denied any wrongdoing and called the claims against her, “absolute rubbish.”

In the meantime, on Tuesday in North Brunswick, New Jersey, the suspect who is believed to have shot and killed the son of a federal judge in New Jersey and shot her husband has been found dead.

And that judge is dealing with an Epstein-related case.

He was discovered dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound Monday.

The body was found at Campsite and Berry Brook roads in Rockland, New York.

He’s believed to be a lawyer, and so already investigators are saying they believe the judge’s husband was the intended target.

The husband and son of U.S. District Judge Esther Salas, were shot in their New Jersey home on July 19th. 

According to reports, a man dressed in a FedEx uniform approached the house around 5 p.m. Salas’ son, 20 year old Daniel Anderl, opened the door and was immediately fired upon, striking him in the heart, and killing him. He was a student at Catholic University in D.C.. 

North Brunswick Mayor, Francis “Mac” Woman is quoted as saying:

“He was shot through the heart,”

Salas’ husband, Mark Anderl, a 63 year old defense attorney and former Essex County assistant prosecutor, was also shot multiple times and was taken into surgery. 

Judge Salas was unharmed, however, U.S Marshals have been brought in to provide her with a security detail. 

The suspect is still at large, and there are many agencies currently investigating, including the FBI, The New Jersey State Police, the North Brunswick Police and the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s office. 

The FBI Newark office said in a statement:

“The FBI is investigating a shooting that occurred at the home of Judge Esther Salas in North Brunswick Township, New Jersey earlier this evening, July 19. We are looking for one subject and ask that anyone who thinks they may have relevant information please call FBI Newark at 973-792-3001. We are working closely with our state and local partners and will provide additional updates when available.”

Authorities have not given any indication of a motive, however, Salas, New Jerseys first Hispanic woman to serve as a U.S District Judge, has been associated with many high-profile cases recently. Some of theses cases included people from the Grape Street Crips, the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and a case involving Jeffrey Epstein.

Many political figures have released statements regarding the incident, including New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez:

“I know Judge Salas and her husband well, and was proud to recommend her to President Obama for nomination to New Jersey’s federal bench,” 

He went on to say:

“My prayers are with Judge Salas and her family, and that those responsible for this horrendous act are swiftly apprehended and brought to justice.” ‘

Authorities are investigating if the incident has stemmed from any recent threats, but so far have not found any indication of that. 

Mayor Womack is reported as saying:

“As a judge, she had threats from time to time, but everyone is saying that recently there had not been any,”

Anyone with information is urged to call FBI Newark at 973-792-3001. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Salas Family. 

In the meantime, Steve Bing, the film producer and wealthy financier who fathered a child with actress Elizabeth Hurley has died at the age of 55.  Bing is a long time friend of Jeffrey Epstein and Bill and Hilary Clinton.

The Los Angeles Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office Listed Bing as deceased on its website Tuesday, June 25th.  A spokesperson for the coroners office wrote to Fox News in a statement:

“The decedent was pronounced dead at the scene on 06/22/2020 at 13:10 hours.”

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