VIRGINIA: ‘Skirt-Wearing,’ ‘Gender Fluid’ Teen Found Guilty Of Loudoun County Bathroom Rape

VIRGINIA: ‘Skirt-Wearing,’ ‘Gender Fluid’ Teen Found Guilty
Of Loudoun County Bathroom Rape 1

The 14-year-old male who donned a skirt and identified as “gender-fluid” before raping a female classmate in the bathroom of a Loudoun County, Virginia high school has been convicted on all charges related to the case, which attracted national attention and has led to trans bathroom bills and the safety of children in schools becoming focal points of the state’s gubernatorial election.

According to local media reports, the conviction came after a juvenile court judge determined that evidence backed up claims that the 14-year-old “gender-fluid” male had forcibly raped a female student in a girls’ restroom at Loudoun’s Stone Bridge High School.

The assault took place in May of this year in Loudon County, the focus of national attention regarding Critical Race Theory and other radicalized education materials in the classroom. The assault led the rapist being removed from Stone Bridge High School and transferred to nearby Broad Run High School, where he stands accused of sexually assaulting yet another female student.

That case has yet to move to trial, and a sentence for the student’s conviction will not be given by the judge until both cases are resolved.

School district officials have been accused of covering up the rapes, and even directed deputies from the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office to arrest Scott Smith, the father of the Stone Bridge High School victim, when he showed up to a county school board meeting looking for answers.

The arrest left Smith bloodied, facing charges of disorderly conduct, and his image was used by left-wing media outlets nationwide to paint a concerned father as some sort of domestic terrorist, and warn parents against fighting for their children.

Worse, recent revelations from the emails of Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler show that the official lied to parents when confronted about the sexual assaults at a June school board meeting.

At the time, told the parents that he had no knowledge of any assaults happening in the district. Meanwhile, an email Ziegler sent to members of the school board reveals the opposite, as he informed board members of the Stone Bridge assault and told them that it was under investigation by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office.

In the aftermath of the rapes, Beth Bart, a far-left member of the Loudoun County School Board, resigned her post amid a massive recall effort for her seat.

Parents and taxpayers around Loudoun County have called for the resignation or recall of virtually all board members, as well as Superintendent Scott Ziegler, linking their dissatisfaction with the county schools to not only the rapes but the widely publicized use of critical race theory and other far-left curricula.

The situation in Loudoun County has energized parents and voters all over the Commonwealth, bolstering the efforts of Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin, who has now made banning critical race theory, parental rights, and protecting children in schools focal points of his campaign.

The Democrat candidate, Terry McAuliffe, has instead pledged to remove parents from all discussions surrounding education of Virginia children.

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