More uncounted votes found in second Georgia county, giving another boost for Trump

More uncounted votes found in second Georgia county, giving
another boost for Trump 1

A second memory card was found in the Georgia recount process with uncounted votes that gives President Donald Trump a boost against former Vice President Joe Biden.

The Georgia Secretary of State’s office told reporters on Tuesday that the discrepancy was discovered in the votes from Fayette County during a hand recount.

A total of 2,755 votes were discovered, with 1,577 going to Trump and 1,128 going for Biden. The new votes decrease Biden’s sizable lead by about 450 votes.

This is an addition to the first batch of uncounted votes that were discovered in Floyd County on Monday. Those votes netted Trump about 800 votes.

Secretary of State official Gabriel Sterling said that while the mistake from Floyd County was due to ballots being accidentally uncounted and not entered into the system, the mistake in Fayette County had to do with a ballot count on a memory card not being added to the system.

He also said that officials from the county missed several methods meant to make sure the card had been uploaded.

“There were several spots, where the human beings were running it, just didn’t follow the procedure, and that’s why this happened. And that’s why you have the audit, to discover these things,” Sterling said.

He went on to say that 57 counties had no deviations at all from their original ballot count. Another 21 counties had a minuscule deviation of either one more or less in the count from the original, and 32 others are off by single digits.

He also said that there might be about 224 votes in a third county that could have been unaccounted for, but that those were still being investigated.

Officials are tasked with completing their recounts by Wednesday so that the state can officially confirm the results on Friday.

Despite both of the newly found votes from Fayette and Floyd counties, Biden retains a lead of 12,929 votes over the president.

Here’s the media briefing with Gabriel Sterling:

Georgia election officials say there was issue in Fayette County that adds 2,755 votes

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