Nevada Democrat Governor Calls New Mandates ‘Statewide Pause’

Nevada Democrat Governor Calls New Mandates ‘Statewide
Pause’ 1

Lockdowns and mandates and curfews, oh my. Americans are losing their civil liberties at an alarming rate, being handed down by political leadership that does not practice what they preach. Over the weekend, Nevada’s Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak wrapped the civil liberties infringement orders in a tight little bow and titled it a ‘statewide pause.’

That ‘pause’ will occur for at least three weeks. On Sunday, Sisolak tweeted, “As of today, 13 of 17 of our counties are flagged for elevated risk of transmission. In the beginning of October, only 2 counties were flagged. Our statewide positivity rate is at a record 16.5 percent, and as I mentioned, we’ve surpassed 2,000 deaths.”

Americans are losing their civil liberties at an alarming rate

The “statewide pause” will go into effect on November 24th at 12:01 am and involves stronger mask mandates and new capacity limitations. “Nevadans and visitors are required to wear a mask at all times, whether indoors or outdoors, when not in the presence of someone who is part of their household” reported Fox News.

“No additional businesses will be closed” reports Fox News, “however, occupancy at both indoor and outdoor restaurants and bars occupancy will be reduced to 24 percent, No more than four people will be allowed at one table, and reservations will be required,” Sisolak said if the number of cases begins to slow, the government will assess loosening restrictions slowly.

New public gathering limits will not apply to school districts, as Sisolak acknowledged the huge negative effect on students. “We have seen more deaths by suicide among students this fall than in years prior, and it breaks my heart to share that victims have included students as young as 8 years old” said Sisolak.

However, if the trajectory of cases continues in the next three weeks, Sisolak states he will be forced to take “stronger action.” “We decided how long we spend in a high-risk setting. We decide whether we are going to prioritize getting our kids into the classroom, allowing our businesses to operate by following responsible measures, and protecting our hospital system. If it doesn’t feel safe, it isn’t safe” said Sisolak.

Governor Sisolak misuses the term “we” in an attempt to make citizens think they have any autonomy. Individuals actually are not able to “decide” anything, nor are they able to use their own judgment on what “doesn’t feel safe.”


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